Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Just like yesterday...

Today is cold and snowing and yucky. Sunday was the first day of Spring? Yeah right. So yesterday I was shopping on line for some to die for stamps by Just Cre8. Today I bought some beautiful art on Etsy that makes me really happy. Click the sentence to check out Johanna's Etsy shop. Her paintings make my heart smile. She also has a BLOG.

This is the print I bought.

And isn't this little guy just adorable???

Hubs has been gone for 10 days now. I'm telling ya...if he doesn't get home soon I am going to have to buy shoes. And a purse. LOL

Monday, March 21, 2011

I {heart} online shopping

I developed this love for online shopping when we lived waaaay up North and it was cold and snowy and I had nothing better to do than get out the old credit card and make happy things show up at my door. LOL So now and then I like to relive the good old days even though I am in a city now and can go out whenever I want. Except when the kids are puking. Like everywhere. So of course what is the very best pick-me-up when you are house bound with sick kids? Buying scrapbooking supplies online of course!!! Just Cre8 used to be my fave online stomping ground for forums/galleries/challenges/etc. Sue Sykes has closed up shop but the store is open right now for a major clearance sale and I just couldn't help myself! Use the promo code SAVEBIG25 and receive an additional 25% off your order until April 3rd! {FYI: the coupon code needs to be entered on the first page of your cart way at the bottom.}

I love the custom stamps and may or may not have added a couple to my collection.

What are you waiting for??? Go shop!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Weather...and work in progress

I found this photo via my friend Bonnie on Facebook who got it off the Northernhorse.com page who got it from somewhere else. How is that for a photo credit? LOL I followed it as far as I could. But it made me laugh. And in this weather...that is hard to do. So I thought while my blog sits for the rest of the week while I work on projects and gather up my "after" photos of my art room...you'd enjoy a giggle. At the expense of a shivering prairie girl. xox