Monday, July 22, 2013

Small towns just stay close

Really no matter how far you move away from your small never leaves you. You can take the girl off the farm, but you will NEVER drag the farm out of the girl. I grew up on a small acreage in Saskatchewan. I can milk cows and goats, herd sheep, ride horses, shovel all kinds of poop and as much as a kid will complain about that at the my adulthood I do appreciate those skills. I still love the smell of the farm and I remember with a certain amount of fondness the hard work that went into that life. In my teenage years there were 2 ways to make money. You could pick chickens or you could babysit. Both had their own separate hazards. LOL I babysat for lots of families but some of my favourites were the Roy brothers. There were 5 of them. Oh pick your jaw up off the ground my friend, they were the sweetest kids you could meet. Rowdy, but sweet as can be.  They had every animal in God's creation and I loved them all. The Roy kids will forever be just that in my mind. Kids. But you know the funny thing about that? They grew up. As much as my mind holds onto all the fun, fond memories...they just grew up. They grew and learned and fell in love. Got married, had babies of their own. They own property, have jobs and are teaching a new generation.

Alright then, enough with my nostalgia. I have a point.  Really, I do.

One of the boys recently sustained a very serious injury. He is a top rated bull rider, was having the most amazing year of his career and it was put on hold when he was stepped on by a bull. I am simplifying the situation terribly but what it comes down to is this: Bull Riders never have guaranteed income. And there is no insurance. If you are great, you make a living. If you get don't. And that is where that tight knit community comes in that I was talking about before. People all over the country are rallying around this family to make sure ends are met while this young man recovers from his injuries. And what kind of babysitter would I be if I didn't join in?  They have a closed group on Facebook (only 3,500+ close, personal friends) where people can donate items to be bid on by the other members of the group and all proceeds go to this wonderful family to help with expenses. Check out the story CTV News did this past week.

So. Point of this blog post. I am donating a custom piece of home d├ęcor (12x12 canvas) to be put up in the auction and I wanted a spot for people to come and check out the rest of my work. Here is a 9 canvas piece I did for my front entrance.
This piece is huge. Each canvas is 12"x12" and as you can see, there are 9 of them. And of course this photo does it no justice at all because I am no photographer and my sis is at lake. LOL

It's not much, but it's my small way of helping. I wish this family all the very best life has to offer.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ugh really? My apologies.

So the last time I blogged I talked about posting Spring layouts and cards...then uploaded a photo that I blogged just 2 posts before. Ugh really Kate? Seriously? There is really something to be said about proofing before you post! LOL So the post below is old...but the photo is new. It was what I meant to upload. And if I blogged just a tiny bit more I would have caught it sooner. I will work on that. xo

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

No shadow...come on SPRING!

The groundhog did not see his if we post spring layouts and cards will it call the warm weather to us faster?! My apologies to our creator but seriously God, this winter has been RIDICULOUS. If it's going to be this cold and snowy (-40 for a week. Yikes!) at least lower the prices of hot vacations so we can escape for a while. LOL But of course it is supply and demand. Last years mild winter saw hot vacays at rock bottom prices. This year, not so much because we are all scurrying south faster than rats deserting a sinking ship! But I digress...

What have you been creating lately? Do you work with wool? Are you a paper crafter? Do you sew? Show it! Tell all about it! This is the time to get projects off your desk in time to hit the dusty summer camping trail. I create FUN in the summer. Not projects. LOL So let's let that creativity run wild and destroy the art room!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013 and I are going to get along juuuust fine!

Do you make New Years resolutions? In my maturing years (older age? lol) I have learned not to. Your whole life should be a work in progress...ever evolving and always improving. You should not base your success on making 50 changes all in one day. It's impossible for anyone! But if you continually work on things a little at a time, that is what success is to me.

So what will 2013 bring for me? There is usually one thing, a big thing, that I have been mulling over, wanting to change, improve, etc throughout the year. Last year it was my health and my weight. I don't know if I have it conquered entirely (time will tell!) but I have an excellent start and am well on my way. So what for 2013? Actually, it's my blog! No big plans to post every day or anything...I just want to post what I have done. I find I scrapbook something, photograph it, then it sits in my camera...forever...doing nothing. Ugh. So 2013 is the year of the blog! Do you have a blog? Leave a comment below with the address so I can check you out!

Here is a double 12x12 layout I did a couple months ago. It didn't come out exactly how I had planned...but the story did. In the coming year, OWN YOUR TIMELINE. We have all done stupid things. Made rash decisions, been embarrassed, hurt someone's feelings or had our own feelings hurt. We've had good things come our way. No matter what it is, just own it honestly and move on. Bad hair days and all.
Be blessed in 2013. And more a blessing to someone else. xo