Thursday, November 27, 2008

Just Cr8

You totally have to check out this website I mentioned a few posts ago...JUST CR8. Really gr8 Canadian based site for scrapbookers. WOW. Great inspiration in the gallery, fun challenges and amazing people! I just finished up with their Idols competition. I think 64 people were signed up to participate and the rules were simple: Sign up. Do one challenge a week for 5 weeks. Get one point for particiapting each week (and if you miss a week that's ok, you're not disqualified you just don't get points). Get more points if you ended up in one of the judges top 5. My goal for the entire competition was to get more than 5 points. And I got 9! So that was very exciting. Now I'll just keep plugging along, entering things that interest me until I hit the scrap jackpot! LOL. Here's a layout from week 2 where we had to cr8 a rebus puzzle: Leave a comment...there will be a little RAK for the first person who figures out the puzzle! I'm feeling a little Riff Raff coming someone's way! My new FAVE thing.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

For Kel...cause that's how we roll

Nothing serious today...just some big birthday fun! My friend Keli did some amazing invitations for her oldest daughter's birthday this month and I thought it was so completely blog worthy. So you must be asking "Kate, you always link up the FAB person's blog with their forgot to link Keli's blog!" No, dear people, alas I did not forget. Keli has put her blog aside :0( even though it was totally creative, funny and well-written. So Kel, this blog's for you baby. Leave a comment petitioning Keli to get back in the blogging world...cause I miss reading it! (Even though we talk on the phone pretty much every day but that's not the point) Aren't those totally adorable??? I'm SO copying that for my son's next birthday! Thanks Kel!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Welcome the Boys and Girls Club!

If you are a Scrapdivalicious frequent flyer, you know that I started a free scrapbooking class for kids when we moved up North in 2006. At first, I did it with all my own supplies...BUT then in 2007 Jeannette from Scrap in Style encouraged me to ask the scrappers on her website for donations...THEN Leica Forrest did a layout about me for Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine and it just snowballed from there. Well, with all that support I couldn't just end that project in the North. When we moved, I left a ton of supplies so the girls could keep the class going and I still had enough to start a new class here. But where to begin??? Nothing was really presenting itself and all doors I knocked on closed until I spoke with the Boys and Girls club who were thrilled to have me! So now every second Wednesday I am over at the clubhouse with an ever growing number of kids grades 4 through 8. We are trying to get the supplies settled into the new space, figure out what we need and what we want to accomplish. So far, our fave thing to do is make cards for Corinne to support our troops overseas. We've also done some blank layouts and are trying to work on following instructions :0)
We're starting out slowly...right now it's the concept of "Paper, photo, decorations and journaling". Here are a few different versions of that:>
While we were cleaning up, one of the little guys grabbed some scraps and made a little headless man. He was so intent on it, it was great to watch it take shape with just some folding and tearing. I can't wait to see what they come up with next!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Spreading out the goodness

Ok,'s more then a week later. Can I say I am just trying to spread out the goodness as far as I can? LOL. I am still all aglow with the amazing good time I had at Leica's event on October 25th. I am already looking forward to the next one! Another girlie I just loved meeting was Jill Hildebrand. She is teaching on the cruise with Leica...the cruise that I have not yet attended and will not be attending in Feb. "Why am I always pregnant when you do that?!?" If you're a "Friends" fan you'll find that funny. If you're really won't know what I am talking about. Won't be the first time for me...;0)

Anyway, I missed the last one due to throwing up and the next one, I'll still be nursing. So I told Jill look out...2010 here I come!~

This lovely photo (and I use that term loosely) was taken at the very end of the night. Why do I do that??? Leica must have been super tired but you sure couldn't tell...that girl can look good in a wind storm let me tell ya. I stayed until the very bitter end...I was the last one to leave at my table. I wanted to squeeze as much alone time out of the day as I could!
So those are all the sweet ladies I had to brag about. Next time I'll snap some shots of the projects. And I swear, I'm almost done. Sure Kate, SURE. (insert eyeroll here)