Thursday, November 3, 2011

But...I'm not crafty. {Insert sad face here}

Alright people...I've heard it a thousand times over the years. "I wish I was crafty like YOU!" "I wish I could make gorgeous Christmas cards! They are so lovely!" "I just don't have that talent." Insert sad face. Well...take that frown and turn it upside down because let me tell you a little ARE crafty. As crafty as anyone out there and this is your year to WOW your friends and family with some out of this world Christmas cards at the Scrapbook Studio!
The sweet Lori Colton has put us all to work designing cards and with the coordinating genius of Amanda LePage there will be 13...yes you read right!...THIRTEEN different cards for you to make for the unbelieveable price of $35! It's a come and go your own pace...EVERYTHING is supplied! Just bring your own scissors and adhesive and get ready to absolutely dive into the Christmas spirit with music, cider, cookies and much more! No stuffy, uptight "classroom" atmosphere...just beautiful stations with everything you need pre-cut, in a kit, complete with instructions, photos and sample cards. Can you tell I am a little wee bit excited about it? LOL For all the specific info...find the details HERE! And just a tip...if you are tied up that weekend and can't attend, I bet if you ask really nicely you can purchase a kit to take home and complete at your convenience! BUT spaces are limited so don't put this one on the procrastination list. It's going to be oh so fab!