Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas to me (oh...and everybody else too!)_

SHUT THE DOOR!!! I am the proud new owner of the following:

The hubs totally surprised me...who would have thunk it??? Now off to Ebay to find some great dies and embossing folders. Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wednesday nights are for creating

Most people know I am a HUGE Tim Holtz fan. Like HUGE. Bigger then big. He is on my bucket list. Well, not him directly...I'm not going to steal him and display him in my scrapbooking room or anything. I just want to take one of his classes. So Tim, if you read this blog (yeah right) Please come to Saskatchewan! We LOVE you here!
Anyway, I taught at the Boys and Girls Club last night and decided to do one of
Tim's 12 Tags of Christmas. Which I am going bankrupt doing because I really want the kids to learn the cool techniques featured this month. They LOVED it! It was a messy good time playing with all my alcohol inks. And a big thanks to Laura at JSI for helping me prepare some of the stuff. Which funny enough we didn't need because the Tim Holtz stamps I ordered came yesterday morning. Are you kidding me??? I just ordered those last weekend. Oh how I LOVE living here. No more waiting 3 weeks for mail. That is my dream...the postman/woman coming right to my door. Oh wait a minute...they do now! I guess I am living the dream. *wink*

Here are a couple of the tags the boys did last night. Go boys!

Unfortunately, the pewter charm that Tim used on his tag (gorgeous!) was too cost prohibitive to buy for all the kids. That was a fabulous final touch on his tag but ours turned out great just the same. I won't post mine yet...I'll wait until the end and post them all. Happy Christmas scrapping everyone! xox

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Like always, I didn't think it through

Ok, so I didn't quite think my RAK through. I probably should have had a draw of all the correct answers! But Pam was first so Pam wins! I didn't think it was overly difficult when I was doing the layout...but then again I was the person who thought it up. But a few family members had some trouble...not naming any names. So way to go Pam and you have some FAB Riff Raff goodness coming your way. Let's get together!!! We have to talk jewelry because I want to jingle for Christmas!!! Here's a shameless plug for Pam's blog as well because she makes to die for jewelry to bling you out this holiday season. Check her out HERE.

I'll blog again later in the week with a bunch of stuff you MUST see.
Tim Holtz is having his "12 tags of Christmas" and I teach at the Boys and Girls Club tomorrow night! Lots later! Be blessed! xo

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Just Cr8

You totally have to check out this website I mentioned a few posts ago...JUST CR8. Really gr8 Canadian based site for scrapbookers. WOW. Great inspiration in the gallery, fun challenges and amazing people! I just finished up with their Idols competition. I think 64 people were signed up to participate and the rules were simple: Sign up. Do one challenge a week for 5 weeks. Get one point for particiapting each week (and if you miss a week that's ok, you're not disqualified you just don't get points). Get more points if you ended up in one of the judges top 5. My goal for the entire competition was to get more than 5 points. And I got 9! So that was very exciting. Now I'll just keep plugging along, entering things that interest me until I hit the scrap jackpot! LOL. Here's a layout from week 2 where we had to cr8 a rebus puzzle: Leave a comment...there will be a little RAK for the first person who figures out the puzzle! I'm feeling a little Riff Raff coming someone's way! My new FAVE thing.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

For Kel...cause that's how we roll

Nothing serious today...just some big birthday fun! My friend Keli did some amazing invitations for her oldest daughter's birthday this month and I thought it was so completely blog worthy. So you must be asking "Kate, you always link up the FAB person's blog with their forgot to link Keli's blog!" No, dear people, alas I did not forget. Keli has put her blog aside :0( even though it was totally creative, funny and well-written. So Kel, this blog's for you baby. Leave a comment petitioning Keli to get back in the blogging world...cause I miss reading it! (Even though we talk on the phone pretty much every day but that's not the point) Aren't those totally adorable??? I'm SO copying that for my son's next birthday! Thanks Kel!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Welcome the Boys and Girls Club!

If you are a Scrapdivalicious frequent flyer, you know that I started a free scrapbooking class for kids when we moved up North in 2006. At first, I did it with all my own supplies...BUT then in 2007 Jeannette from Scrap in Style encouraged me to ask the scrappers on her website for donations...THEN Leica Forrest did a layout about me for Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine and it just snowballed from there. Well, with all that support I couldn't just end that project in the North. When we moved, I left a ton of supplies so the girls could keep the class going and I still had enough to start a new class here. But where to begin??? Nothing was really presenting itself and all doors I knocked on closed until I spoke with the Boys and Girls club who were thrilled to have me! So now every second Wednesday I am over at the clubhouse with an ever growing number of kids grades 4 through 8. We are trying to get the supplies settled into the new space, figure out what we need and what we want to accomplish. So far, our fave thing to do is make cards for Corinne to support our troops overseas. We've also done some blank layouts and are trying to work on following instructions :0)
We're starting out slowly...right now it's the concept of "Paper, photo, decorations and journaling". Here are a few different versions of that:>
While we were cleaning up, one of the little guys grabbed some scraps and made a little headless man. He was so intent on it, it was great to watch it take shape with just some folding and tearing. I can't wait to see what they come up with next!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Spreading out the goodness

Ok,'s more then a week later. Can I say I am just trying to spread out the goodness as far as I can? LOL. I am still all aglow with the amazing good time I had at Leica's event on October 25th. I am already looking forward to the next one! Another girlie I just loved meeting was Jill Hildebrand. She is teaching on the cruise with Leica...the cruise that I have not yet attended and will not be attending in Feb. "Why am I always pregnant when you do that?!?" If you're a "Friends" fan you'll find that funny. If you're really won't know what I am talking about. Won't be the first time for me...;0)

Anyway, I missed the last one due to throwing up and the next one, I'll still be nursing. So I told Jill look out...2010 here I come!~

This lovely photo (and I use that term loosely) was taken at the very end of the night. Why do I do that??? Leica must have been super tired but you sure couldn't tell...that girl can look good in a wind storm let me tell ya. I stayed until the very bitter end...I was the last one to leave at my table. I wanted to squeeze as much alone time out of the day as I could!
So those are all the sweet ladies I had to brag about. Next time I'll snap some shots of the projects. And I swear, I'm almost done. Sure Kate, SURE. (insert eyeroll here)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The post where she drops all the names

There were SO MANY great aspects of Leica's crop this past weekend that I don't even know where to begin!!! The food was to drool for (compliments of Leica's Mum and Sis!), there were treats everywhere, the loot bag was a mountain of scrapbook lusciousness (is that a word? Well, it is now), the company at my table rocked AND there were famous chicas all over the place! So ladies...I don't give a wit if you don't consider yourself famous. If I have been stalking you, you are famous in my world and I will continue to admire you as such. And tell everyone else to do the same. So there. You can all be modest later, this is my name-dropping post as stated above.
Although I don't have all the photos to prove I was actually there yet.
But courtesy of the sweet
April, I do have a few photos of Trisha Ladouceur and I dying laughing after her class "Pint-sized paintables". I did a cute double canvas all aglow with as many colours of Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist as I could get my paws on. It was a dirty good time, let me tell ya. I can't remember exactly what we were laughing at here but I'm pretty sure it had something to do with my Dolly Parton sized chest as I hadn't nursed in about 12 hours at that point. Don't you just love my profile...thanks for the great nose Dad. (Insert dry sarcasm here) It's not an attractive photo...I really don't know why I am subjecting myself to staring at it like a bad train wreck but it really shows how hard I was laughing. Like squint your eyes, make three chins, all the teeth showing to the back molars laughing.
And us calming down (just a bit) and looking pretty normal...
I have to tell you how much of a RIOT this girl is...Primadonna, My Minds Eye "It girl", Tattered Angels Design Team Member, Crop and Cruise Instructor, 50% of Fire and Ice Designs, seriously the list goes on and on and what does she say? She puts on this sweet little grin and says "You're so funny, I'm just Trish." Well "Just Trish" I was so thrilled to meet you and take your class! Thank you so much!

Others I loved meeting but have no actual proof of said meeting yet were Jill Hildebrand, Amanda LePage and Corinne Braun. So I will give them their very own blog post later in the week complete with photos. Actually, I never did get a photo with Amanda or Corrine!!! Girls, I'll be stalking you extra hard at the next event...just to give you fair warning. Amanda just happens to be on the Just Cr8 Design Team and I am happily scrapping my way through their 5 week long idols contest. I have low expectations for scoring a lot of points but super HIGH expectations to come out of it with 5 layouts I love and a whole lot more inspiration. Plus, with the deadlines looming it forces me to actually sit down and work which is always good.

Almost 3am, seriously? I need to get to bed. I'll blog my little heart out again soon.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Scrap Hangover

You know how some people say the best cure for a hangover is another beer? Well, that is what I am doing today, sans beer. I attended Leica Forrest's AMAZING crop yesterday...15 straight hours of croppin', stampin', eatin', winnin' goodness! So of course this morning I have a pounding headache and a very sore back and what am I doing? Heading over to JSI to take Trisha Ladouceur's class. Now that's dedication.

I'll name drop and flash some goodies later in the week. (oh get your mind out of the gutter, you know what I mean!)

I have to recover first.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Shout out to Sharon!

Quick, late night post here...just blog hopping to all my faves and I remembered that Sharon from JSI had given me some AMAZING vintage buttons to finish off a layout I did for the Memory Makers Masters competition this year. Well, I of course did not place...BUT it was a huge thrill entering. For real. I'm not just blowing smoke here. There is honestly a huge rush when you do the layouts, get them copied and put them in that box to send away. You're a little euphoric that you actually finished on time (there are quite a lot of steps for that particular competition) and then the high reaches an ultimate peak when you hand it over to the post office person. I DID IT! I don't care that I didn't win. I have 5 LOs I adore. And one of them has
to-die-for vintage buttons. THANKS SHARON!!! xox
***Photo disclaimer*** The flash was not nice to me! This is just one of many, many posts where I will throw in that I NEED a DSLR!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

A whole bunch all rolled into one

Has it really been so long? My life has become one big long day of diapers, preschool (different child of course!), classes, housework and keeping up with the hubs and his new out of town schedule. I am not complaining though. It's great to be back in the city! Had a FAB time yesterday at my son's 4th birthday bash. We had quality...not quantity. Due to the Thanksgiving weekend, there were only 10 kids there and 4 of them are under 6 months! So it was only the best buds who all played SO well together! Or should I say got into loud, rowdy trouble together?!? A couple of the party goers were Leica Forrest's boys. So it was wonderful for me to have Leica there because not only is she great at jumping in and lending a hand (I had her helping with lunch before she put her bag down - THANKS LEICA!) but we hadn't seen each other in a long while with the transfer and move and both of our babies being born so I got to meet her little Miss. PLUS she has an amazing camera that she gave me a quick tutorial on and now I WANT ONE. You have no idea how much excellent photography would amp up your scrapbooking until you compare the photos camera to camera. There really is no comparison. So I am figuring out how I can weasel a digital SLR out of the hubs when he says I need to learn how to operate our point and shoot first. I KNOW how to operate the point and shoot:
1) Turn camera on
2) Point at the subject
3) Press button
4) Nothing happens
5) Swear under breath and fiddle with the flash setting
6) Point at subject again, completely missing the original picture but still wanting to at least get something for your efforts
7) Press button
8) Series of flashes and whirring followed by the photo blinking onto the screen
9) Notice the red eye reduction wasn't on because of aforementioned flash-fiddling
10) Start again with #5

But I digress...

I also started up my free classes for kids again this week!!! This is super exciting for me because I have hooked up with the Boys and Girls Club. So I will be there every Wednesday night with all my amazing donations from YOU to teach them how to cut, paste and sew their way towards a personal scrapbook (and blissful happiness, right?). On the very first day one of the guys showed up with a whole stack of photos! They are eager to learn and I am eager to teach. More on that in the upcoming weeks!

My blog hopping travels this weekend also led me to
this through Leica's blog. And now all my dreams are coming true. I usually lurk around Scrap in Style...which I love but I always had one complaint. Not enough Canadian Content. And really, why would they? They are they cater to the American scrappers. So when I popped into Leica's blog and saw the Just Cre8 stuff I was thrilled! I'm hoping my week allows for some scrap time so I can enter their new challenge. I'll leave you with a fairly new layout...I finally dusted off the sewing machine. I think it was beginning to wonder where I had gone.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

And with a broken wing, she still sings

My little niece broke her arm last week falling off the monkey bars at school. :o( And the only thing she had to say about it was a) She didn't fall...she was trying to skip the first bar and jump to the second one and b) "Auntie, my cast is so UGLY!". Did I mention that my little Poopsie has been my princess-in-training since the day she was born? So me, being the amazing Auntie that I am, broke out all my scrapbooking bling and went to town with a Sharpie marker and some rub-ons. It's amazing what a little Glossy Accents and rhinestones will do for a 7 year old's attitude about breaking her elbow and fracturing her wrist. This is just the first's all she could sit still for at the moment. I'll be adding to this for sure.
In other news, I was on hand for the amazing Elton John concert! The hubs and I went as an early anniversary gift to each other (6 years this month!). Left both boys at home with a sitter for the first time. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa L. I could sit back and enjoy it far more this time around...saw him for the first time a couple of years ago and spent most of the concert choked up and emotional at the fact that I was actually there. So going again was more than awesome. Now I can check that off my "Bucket List". The pictures are less than spectacular as we had good seats but the camera can only do so get the idea, right?

I've been trying to think of what else I have on my list...going to Europe, more specifically seeing Culloden Field. Taking my kids to Disneyworld. Going on a cruise. Finding the Soup Nazi in New York and eating Crab Bisque. Eating a cupcake from Magnolia Bakery. There are other things...but those are just the ones that fly off the top of my head right now. Funny how most of my list either has to do with travel or food. My 2 fave things. I challenge you all to write a "bucket list"...and scrapbook it. I'll get back to you with mine. Maybe I should see the movie.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Tiny fingers creating

I've been scrapping a lot lately...entering contests and challenges. So I thought I'd show a bit of what the kids have been creating. They LOVE to get out my scrapbooking supplies. And as my niece says "Auntie, can we have the good stuff and not just the kid stuff?" That is their FAVE. Prima, Fancy Pants, Basic Grey. If it's brand name, beautiful and expensive, they love it. I thought I'd go broke before the school year began again but we survived. The last thing they did were mini books. All I did was pay for the pictures and make the books with my Zutter. That's it. They cut, glued and painted their little hearts out. God bless these little hands, they had SO much fun! Love you my babes! xox

Friday, July 25, 2008

Good-bye Connie, Hello Inspiration. The two are not related.

So the move is complete and I have said good-bye to some very dear friends. I haven't scrapped anything in a while with the new babe and the move but I all of a sudden felt the need to remember our time together by making a mini album the night before Connie and Derek left. Why do I leave these things until the last minute??? I hopped on the computer, printed some photos, used what little product I had that wasn't stashed in a box and I scrapped my little heart out amid a horrid MESS. It's not my finest masterpiece scrap-wise...but that wasn't the point. I just couldn't let her leave empty handed.

*Disclaimer* The pictures suck...I snapped them in 3 seconds before I threw it in the bag and dashed it out to Connie before they got into the car.

Looking back on the photos, we went through a lot of changes with the Dyck family. We'll miss them like crazy!!!
Other great scrappy news has me sending in entries to various competitions. I know, shut UP! Hard to believe I could actually get my act together long enough...I'm not expecting grand returns within a day but the important part is to get out there and get my feet wet. With the amount I am doing all at once, consider me soaked. Diving-in-head-first soaked. Ciao for now.

Friday, June 20, 2008

My favourite good things

Martha has her "Good Things". Oprah has her "Favourite Things". Well move over Martha and look out Oprah...these are a couple of my favourite good things.

I LOVE on-line shopping. A little addiction I have picked up living so far North. I love browsing the sites. I love filling a cyber shopping cart. And I LOVE the 3 easy clicks it takes to pay for something. Maybe that's a bad thing...
And then Voila! Beautiful things show up on your doorstep. Well. OK. I don't have doorstep service per say but it shows up at the office and Hubs drags the boxes home. Did I mention he walks to work? What a trooper. Especially when donation boxes arrive. His face was 3 shades of red the last time that happened. "What is in this sucker?" He barely made it up the stairs! Turns out it was another great donation from Patty Rose and her group of crazy, generous scrapbookers from Ontario! But I digress...

Here is my latest purchase from Land's End and as a Mum on the go I am SO jazzed to try them out:

It's also GARAGE SALE DAY!!! Woo HOO!!! I love going to sales but I have to admit even with all the work involved, I love having them too. It means I am getting rid of a whole lot of stuff I don't need. If I have clutter around me it squishes the creativity right out of me. I don't know where it goes but it certainly doesn't hit a scrapbook page. So over the last month I purged every single room and closet in the house. Including the basement. As FLYLady says, just take babysteps. And if you don't know what in the world I am talking about...check this out.

So all my purged scrapbook supplies went into my class boxes, getting all ready for my new project to be started in September!!! SO excited about that too. And everything else is tagged and stacked in my dining room. My house looks like an episode of Clean Sweep right now. And as of 5pm tonight everything will be gone gone GONE!

It's going to be a gooder. We are so remote that people jump on stuff like this. They should be called garage stampedes! No need to stay open for the whole weekend or even the whole day. No need to advertise very heavily, a few signs at the grocery store will do. And I guarantee at least 85% of it will be gone in the first hour and a half. So think of me between 5pm and 8pm. I'll be wading through a throng of people trying to keep an eye on my 3 year old. Who also loves the thrill of the sale!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Get back into the SCRAP of things!!!

My little man is 7 weeks old...where did that time go?!? Most of my 10 other friends/family have given birth as well or are well on their way. That's right...10. We all had a busy year apparently!!! I'll still be breastfeeding when this little shindig is happening but I have BIG PLANS to attend:

Check out Leica Forrest's Blog for more details. There will be some freakin' FANTASTIC Canadian talent there to teach their scrap-tastic projects. I am SO excited to meet Jackie Ludlage. Like I'm-a-geek-can't-speak-properly-in-her-presence-will-probably-embarass-myself-EXCITED. Jackie is the co-founder of Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine which published a layout by Leica Forrest last December featuring my Great White Scrapbooking program for the kids up here. Excited doesn't begin to describe!

I highly encourage you all the check this out...Leica puts on a heck of a good time and thanks to the FAB people who attend and of course Leica's generosity, a lot of $$$ will be going to charity. So come out and get your scrap on!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Blog Posts and Baby Toes

I am's why:

And I will never, never again show pictures of myself like this...nobody should have a record of what they look like in the hospital!!! Little man shot into the world in 2 hours. Went from 5cm to baby born in under 28 minutes. Boo YAH! We are currently renovating...stay tuned for more regular blogging. And maybe a little scrapbooking? It's going to be a busy month, bear with me.

Monday, April 7, 2008

As promised but months late

My scrap classes have all come to a halt until this baby decides to make an appearance. Which makes me happy on the one hand because I am big, tired and slow. But on the other hand makes me sad because I really looked forward to it every week. There is some blooming talent in those classes that I want to keep a tab on! One girl who was there every week she could be was Sasha. Always looking for the next cool project, always listening, learning. Always decorating an album or some other big project when the others were making cards. Just fun, creative and fabulous to be around. So months ago I promised her I'd feature her on my blog soon as she finished her first scrapbook page. Well one thing led to another of course and between school breaks, me throwing up for 4 months of my pregnancy and ordering in some Stickles for her to finish off the project, it just didn't get done. Until now. So here you go Sasha...your very own page on my blog. Keep up with your projects, you are some kind of talent girl and you can only get better!
This was Sasha's very first 12x12 scrapbook page. Photos have not been added yet. This photo does not do it justice...she added some Mod Citrus rub ons, Stickles and gems. In this particular class I was encouraging the students to use what they had and invent their own title letters. Sometimes when dealing with used supplies (or my own for that matter!) we often end up with an E missing, etc. This was Sasha's take on the class, she decorated each individual letter.
For the Valentine's day class, we were just making cards but Sasha decided to start another paperbag album. We had done them a few weeks prior to this so she knew what to do. I loved the layering of the paper flowers on this!
Hopefully, after the birth I'll still have one or two opportunities to teach card classes but it depends on how I am feeling. I will for sure be starting more classes when we move in the summer! I am looking forward to seeing what unfolds. More class pictures to come in the next couple weeks...we did some great stuff at Easter! Happy Scrapping!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I have mean reasons...really I do

Ok, so the blog got pushed to the wayside during our housing search. THAT was something I don't want to repeat. My wedding was less stressful and giving birth naturally was far less painful. Seriously. But then when we got home and I tried to blog...nothing. I have been having horrible issues with blogger. Is anyone else having trouble? It wasn't loading pictures, it was kicking me off randomly and everytime I went to a new page it would say the page was unavailable. Weird. I guess it's all better now...I'll find out when I go to load the photos in!
So what's new and scraptastic in my world? We are winding down the Great White Scrapbooking Club for the Easter break. Today will probably be our last class for a while as I have a little appointment to give birth soon. Well, not so much an appointment as the baby will come whenever it darn well feels like it. Only God knows. So I'll finish up this session with a great little matchbook album project...I'll post pictures of that next week.

We have been going strong with the ladies class at the Dene K'oe program as well. Last night was fun, we worked on Spring/Easter cards even though it was blizzarding outside!!! Gotta love the North baby. Last week we were fooling around with doodling and made a little cardstock album with a ribbon or fibre closure. My favourite book right now for doodling is called "Doodling for Papercrafters" By Maelynn Cheung but I really want to get my hands on a copy of "The Doodle Formula" By Adrienne Looman.

A few of the ladies brought their children and even 5 year old Hailey got in on the action. She has been a solid fixture in the class and participates as well as the older girls! What a great time. The donated supplies are a real blessing. We've been able to do several different projects each week. When I move this summer, I will be staying in contact with the program coordinator, Leona so I can continue to send her supplies to keep the scrapbooking class going. We have a good core group and I certainly don't want the program to dissolve with my departure. So we really, really appreciate all the generosity that let's me distribute supplies to the 2 seperate classes we have going on right now. Thank you all so much. Here are just a few finished projects from last week...
No pictures yet, but easily added later. The doodle on this was inspired by "52 Scrapbooking Challenges" By Elsie Flannigan.
Here is what little Hailey came up with...the kids love the stickers. They are always a huge hit at the card classes as well. She said she wanted to put a picture right on the front, so she made her own photo mat.
Other than my regular classes, I'll be over at the elementary school next week doing Easter cards with the Pre K to Grade 6 classes. 2 mornings, trying to fit everyone in! I'll take some photos of the finished work there...should be interesting. I have big plans with ribbon for those projects!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Anyone can make a difference.

You just have to try. Don't be discouraged if you think you are "Only one person". Moses was "Only one person". Noah was "Only one person". Jesus was "Only one person". Now, I am not comparing my friends to Jesus but do we not strive to be Christ like in our lives? I've always been the type to help others without thinking twice about it but over the last year and a half of living here I have really kicked myself in the behind about it because I was slacking. Because of where I live. I thought "Why do it? Nobody will appreciate it." That simply is not the case, no matter where you are. So here is a very easy way to bless others today, I hope you all take a minute to participate. It is an amazing Pay It Forward that doesn't require heading out into the snow. BLESS SOMEONE TODAY!!!
Head over to WILNA FURSTENBERG'S BLOG. A dear friend of hers is battling cancer and Wilna has come up with a fantastic way to lift her spirits. Take 5 minutes out of your day to make a card for Lois!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Saddle Up, Scrap Class Rides Again!

The weather has settled down a wee was "only" (I use that term loosely) -18 C today. For all you Fahrenheit folks that would be about 0. And tonight it's dipping down to -47 C or -53 F. That's actually the warmest day we've had in a while so scrapbooking class was back on yesterday and that makes me extremely happy! Some of these kids are SO talented. We were just messing around with Valentine's cards and some decided to take on a bigger project and start some paperbag albums. Some of the guys were pretty jazzed to be making something personal for their girlfriends for Valentine's Day. I had them all convinced it was the best (and cheapest!) way to are insanely expensive up here. So we had quite a few dropping in to create something sweet.

This morning I was up before the sun (which up here right now means about 8:30am) to teach a card class to some highschool students at Dene High. My close friend Denise teaches a Functional Intergrated Program which is a program that teaches life skills. She asked me to come in and do some Valentine's stuff with the kids for the better part of the morning. It took us all a while to get going but boy, when we started busting out the fancy paper and bling, these kids really started to shine. We did a bunch of embossing which everyone (even the crazy teacher) caught onto really quickly. In just one demonstration the kids were manning the embossing gun themselves. Check out some of the mad talent in these rookie papercrafters:






And we even got the teacher and tutor in on things!
Denise (Oops, I mean Ms. Dewling)

Tina (tutor)

Again, I have to thank a whole bunch of people for sending donations of scrapbooking supplies... from the SISters and MISters at Scrap In Style to all sorts of scrapbookers right across the country courtesy of the amazing layout Leica Forrest did about us for Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine in the Winter 2007/2008 issue. The call for supplies they put out has kept a steady stream of packages arriving every couple of weeks. This is how these programs stay running. THANK-YOU!!! For the first year I did the card making classes at both the elementary and highschool and I used all my own supplies...things were getting a little slim! But with the absolute outpouring of generosity I've not only stepped up the card classes but the Great White Scrapbooking Program is going strong (HUGE Thank-you to Dayna and Denise for all their help this week!) and the adult and family craft classes at Dene K'oe have started. I am really looking forward to seeing what happens this summer...I have MONSTER plans for an inner city scrapbooking program in Saskatoon. Stay never know what I'll come up with next!