Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Summer is poking its head around the corner...

Can you smell it? The whiff of oil as Hubs pulls my convertible out of storage in the garage. Can you hear it? The birds going crazy in the trees behind the house. The sun is shining {most days} and I have said good-bye to socks {woo hoo!}. But I also say good-bye to free time in May and June as sports take over! But that is ok, it's such a riot to be out with the kids, running around and having FUN. It's weird but I have been scrapbooking more lately...which explains the 2 posts in one week! LOL
I did this layout a while ago and it was the first time trying the Sew Stampers. Have you seen these?

 We R Memory Keepers has always been a favourite of mine. I use their beautiful leather D-ring albums. They come in the most delicious colours! Quite a bit ago they came out with the Sew Easy...it was these little roller things that pierced a pattern on your paper so you could sew things onto your pages with stitching floss. A really cute tool but I didn't buy it because I stitch freehand on my layouts most times and didn't feel the need to spend the extra money. Then the Sew STAMPERS came out. Well bestill my heart. They are the greatest thing since sliced bread!!!  My review...a big 4.5 stars for sure! I love that I can press as hard {or not} as I want giving the option of tons of different looks. I love all the different stitches. I love the light weight handle. It is just love all the way around! The only snag I have had {and why I took away half a star} is the teal star stitch that I bought doesn't work very well. It sticks and then drags on the page, completely ruining the look. But a quick e-mail to the company will solve that, I will keep you posted. Head on down to the Scrapbook Studio and pick these little babies up. Cards, layouts, whatever. Stitch away!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Just a quickie!

Wow...don't blog for a while and they change the whole look of the website! LOL A few quickie points before some Pinterest and bedtime:

* Had a fabulous time at Camp Croppin' 2012! It just gets better every year. I was super flattered to win the journaling prize and we once again wore as much green as we could during the 7th inning stretch. Rider pride!

*Art room is still a work in progress. Like I have said before, it is not all matchy matchy gorgeous but it is functional. Hubs bought me a little electric fireplace {complete with mantle!} and I can't wait to get it set up.

*What are you doing for National Scrapbooking Day? I hope I can squeeze in a visit to the Scrapbook Studio! They are having an all night pj party that has my name written all over it. That weekend is ridiculously busy so I don't know if it will happen but one can always hope right?

*I have fallen in LOVE with Canvas Corp {even more than I already was} and their kraft coloured items. Little paper bags, envelopes, canvases, etc. All sizes. All amazing!

*I have created several layouts lately that I am super happy with! And after all is said and done isn't that what it's all about?
Don't forget about the call for Winter coming up in the next couple of months for Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine! There are specific people I am reminding here...ALICE...TRACY...LOL Jackie and Katharina want to see your lovely work! And it really is my favourite part of the magazine...seeing those "first time published" stamps beside the name. It gives me a thrill and reminds me how wonderful it was to see it beside my own name!

So take care, have fun and maybe this rain will give way to gorgeous flowers and glorious sunshine so I can drive my Triumph. Here's hoping! xo