Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Counting down the days until Camp Croppin' 2012

So there is this girl I know. Her name is Megan. She has a passion for helping people in their very hardest, lowest moments. Has your child ever spent time in the hospital? I don't mean "Did a superman off the back of the couch, crashed into their brother who fell backwards over the ottoman, then they both did a header into the sewing chest and now there is a trip to emergency with 3 stitches recorded in the scrapbook" kind of time. I mean time. Time that took them away from the family. Time that took you away from the family. Time that hurt you emotionally as a parent and financially as the head of your household. Time that altered your child's outlook on life and forever changed that beautiful, childlike way they took in their world. Time that will never be forgotten because it was the most difficult thing your family had to hold together through. Other events pale in comparison to Camp Croppin' for a large variety of reasons. But for me, the main reason I attend this event is that every year a huge amount of supplies and money goes to sustain the Alberta Children's Hospital Therapeutic Scrapbooking Program. And to me, as a Mum and an artist there is no better gift to give than a creative outlet during a time that doesn't feel very creative. That is why every year I pack my suitcase (full of adhesive and paper of course), book my hotel room months in advance, buy my plane ticket, gas up the van or cram myself into Barb Riley's Honda, and make my way to Camp Croppin' where I get to laugh with friends, old and new. Where I get to meet the best in the industry and try not to get all star struck. Where I get to help families I don't know in my own small way by donating, cheering, making and running. And believe me, you do RUN. LOL Back and forth all weekend long from the classrooms to the main hall, Starbucks to the make n' takes, Scrapbooker's Paradise to Staples. Anyone who says it's "Just another scrapbooking event" has never heard Megan's welcome speech, passionately thanking us all for being there and there is never a dry eye in the house when she reminds us why we are there and what we are supporting.

This year the girls from Saskatchewan will not be strong in numbers but we are strong in spirit! Be prepared to see a lot of green again and we will come armed with our best layouts (all proceeds of the entry fees are donated don't forget!) to give everyone a run for their money. What's Camp Croppin' without some friendly smack talk amongst friends? LOL We also may or may not be planning to invade the Cheesecake Factory, bring the leftovers back to our room and devil that security guard at the hotel for the third year in a row. But you didn't hear that from me.