Monday, March 30, 2009

She met WHO?!?

More on Saskatchewan Scraps of course! There were some AMAZING ladies there that I had been dying to meet and not one of them disappointed! They were all so fun and approachable! This is Mel...the MC of the CENTURY!!! She was SO funny, witty and dynamic. She's got the whole sexy pouty "Charlie's Angels" thing going on in the picture but that was just making me laugh more. SO not the greatest photo of me but still really fun!One of my best gal pals Megan! She came with me and totally got an honourable mention for her layout!!! My heart just STOPPED! I admit it, I shed a few tears for her. It was so exciting.

Hangin' with Amanda LePage and Sue Sykes at the Just Cr8 table! Sue designs the most AMAZING stamps. I may have spent a dollar or two at her table! LOL

Everyone at our rowdy table plus the teachers and of course Jackie Ludlage from Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine! Dawn Hueser custom made those to die for books for us all and we felt the need to show them off! Allison Orthner! Okay, seriously this girl is just so adorable. I am a GIANT compared to her tiny frame! LOL Ok, I AM tall for a girl (5'8") but she is so cute you just want to fold her up and put her in your pocket! So when we went to take this photo we were trying a couple different poses but the size difference wasn't working for us. Then someone (I'm pretty sure it was Mel) shouted "Pick her up!" So I did. What a great sport you are Allison!
The whole event was one long grin for me. Meeting these huge, influential scrapbookers and having them compliment my work was beyond amazing. I am over the moon! So my next big project is Camp Croppin' this for a Looooooong blog post after that! Scrap happy until next time people! ♥

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The post with all the STUFF

So it took me just a wee bit longer then I expected to get this stuff on the ole blog but it'll be totally worth it, I promise! I have been trying to get ready for the competition at Camp Croppin' next weekend. Very exciting, very time consuming. Another run to Costco for photos tomorrow and hopefully I can get a few more layouts done this week. All the proceeds from the Camp Croppin' layout competition goes to charity! Love those generous scrappers. But I digress...

Back to SASKATCHEWAN SCRAPS!!! Oh my, was this ever a great event. This is the second one I've attended and seriously, it just keeps getting better and better! First off, when we arrived at the table Megan and I had this mountain waiting for us. (Ok, Ok...this isn't everything. There was so much AMAZING stuff I just had to use some of it. Sorry for the partial representation, I couldn't help myself!)

Sue from Just Cr8 had given everyone at the table a gift bag, Jacqueline from Fort Mac had some goodies for us, Dawn Hueser made GORGEOUS books for everyone and Sheryl had left some vintage deliciousness! All that goodness and we hadn't even sat down yet!!!
The above is a "partial representation" (see above explanation) of the offical loot bag that the lovely Leica Forrest put together for us. There were another half dozen papers including carstock, some rubons, glimmer mist and other tidbits that were calling my name. I haaaaaad to use them! LOL

To top off all this free stuff there were also prizes and draws galore! A Canon Rebel Xsi was given away (it doesn't live with me but the drawing was exciting nonetheless!) and 6 HUGE prize baskets were drawn for. That was some serious scrap heaven there. The prizes were drool worthy for sure! Many, MANY happy ladies!

Jackie Ludlage from Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine was there (and just for the record I don't think I embarassed myself too badly when I met her) and she was giving away all kinds of amazing goodies just for answering some scap related questions. You had to be very quick on the draw for these. I picked up a package of Spellbound! The make n takes were FAB...2 cards at the Stampin' Up booth and a gorgeous tag at the CS table. What a great little addition to any gift. It really shows you how a few simple stamps and some ink can create something so sweet that a special someone would really enjoy. that is the "stuff" post. There is so much more to tell! Including carrying around Allison Orthner (huh?!), Jill and Leica's classes and THE WINNERS! I wasn't a winner but I know them!!! It was heart stopping excitement all the way around! Watch for more soon! ♥

Sunday, March 22, 2009

It is SO a jammie day

Jammies, chocolate, cookies & milk, TV and book reading. That's it today. I spent all weekend away from my boys getting my scrap on with the chicas from Just Cr8 and now I need some cuddle time. BEST event I've been to yet, tons to blog. People, food, make n' takes, prizes, it was all just SO fab. So relax and revel in the warm fuzzy feelings of a good time had with good friends. Ciao until tomorrow. Or whenever. ♥

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Well this whole thing is just turning into a million dollars worth of free publicity! Rambling Dave from C95 is continuing this week with his little scrapbooking insults (tongue in cheek of course) and is actually showing up at Saskatchewan Scraps on Saturday morning! Knock me over with a feather! It'll be so much fun to help him create a few pages with the girls at the Just Cr8 table. Dawn, you did a FAB job of drawing attention to our wonderful art! I am proud to know you girl!

So I will be blogless for a few days (big surprise) as some girls from Just Cr8 are stopping by tonight to get some goodies ready and I am still scrapping my entries for the competition. Megan gets in tomorrow night and the rest will be HISTORY! SO EXCITING! More later.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's a Scrap Challenge Baby!

So Rambling Dave from C95 sort of opened up a giant can of whoop a$$ on himself this morning with a comment about scrapbooking. And how it's like a sticker collection. Really? Oh have no idea what you have gotten yourself into. The Just Cr8 gals have rallied together led by the uber talented Dawn Hueser and have started e-mailing him samples of our art. Hear that Dave? It's ART. Not a sticker collection. Oh my word is he EVER not going to hear the end of this. We have all thrown down the gauntlet and dared him to show up at Leica Forrest's event this weekend. Saskatchewan Scraps will never be the same. More on that later!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Do you have your issue?

Spring edition of Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine is out! This is me on page 74...FIRST TIME PUBLISHED!!! really was a journey. Pregnancy does not bring out my patient side. LOL I love all the sewing and texture on this. Some coins from Mexico were a great addition.