Monday, March 30, 2009

She met WHO?!?

More on Saskatchewan Scraps of course! There were some AMAZING ladies there that I had been dying to meet and not one of them disappointed! They were all so fun and approachable! This is Mel...the MC of the CENTURY!!! She was SO funny, witty and dynamic. She's got the whole sexy pouty "Charlie's Angels" thing going on in the picture but that was just making me laugh more. SO not the greatest photo of me but still really fun!One of my best gal pals Megan! She came with me and totally got an honourable mention for her layout!!! My heart just STOPPED! I admit it, I shed a few tears for her. It was so exciting.

Hangin' with Amanda LePage and Sue Sykes at the Just Cr8 table! Sue designs the most AMAZING stamps. I may have spent a dollar or two at her table! LOL

Everyone at our rowdy table plus the teachers and of course Jackie Ludlage from Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine! Dawn Hueser custom made those to die for books for us all and we felt the need to show them off! Allison Orthner! Okay, seriously this girl is just so adorable. I am a GIANT compared to her tiny frame! LOL Ok, I AM tall for a girl (5'8") but she is so cute you just want to fold her up and put her in your pocket! So when we went to take this photo we were trying a couple different poses but the size difference wasn't working for us. Then someone (I'm pretty sure it was Mel) shouted "Pick her up!" So I did. What a great sport you are Allison!
The whole event was one long grin for me. Meeting these huge, influential scrapbookers and having them compliment my work was beyond amazing. I am over the moon! So my next big project is Camp Croppin' this for a Looooooong blog post after that! Scrap happy until next time people! ♥


Amanda said...

Oh, Kate! You are such a hoot! Have fun at CC this weekend!

Kelly said...

Looks like you had a great time! And it also looks like those bicep curls have been paying off!!

Christine said...

Hi Katherine!
I love, love, love your scrapbooking layouts. They are fantastic, what an art. Makes me wish I were a little more creative!

Pam said...

I just read the journalling on your friends layout and it brought me to tears...that is every parents worst fear...I hope her little one is doing well!!!