Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas to me (oh...and everybody else too!)_

SHUT THE DOOR!!! I am the proud new owner of the following:

The hubs totally surprised me...who would have thunk it??? Now off to Ebay to find some great dies and embossing folders. Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wednesday nights are for creating

Most people know I am a HUGE Tim Holtz fan. Like HUGE. Bigger then big. He is on my bucket list. Well, not him directly...I'm not going to steal him and display him in my scrapbooking room or anything. I just want to take one of his classes. So Tim, if you read this blog (yeah right) Please come to Saskatchewan! We LOVE you here!
Anyway, I taught at the Boys and Girls Club last night and decided to do one of
Tim's 12 Tags of Christmas. Which I am going bankrupt doing because I really want the kids to learn the cool techniques featured this month. They LOVED it! It was a messy good time playing with all my alcohol inks. And a big thanks to Laura at JSI for helping me prepare some of the stuff. Which funny enough we didn't need because the Tim Holtz stamps I ordered came yesterday morning. Are you kidding me??? I just ordered those last weekend. Oh how I LOVE living here. No more waiting 3 weeks for mail. That is my dream...the postman/woman coming right to my door. Oh wait a minute...they do now! I guess I am living the dream. *wink*

Here are a couple of the tags the boys did last night. Go boys!

Unfortunately, the pewter charm that Tim used on his tag (gorgeous!) was too cost prohibitive to buy for all the kids. That was a fabulous final touch on his tag but ours turned out great just the same. I won't post mine yet...I'll wait until the end and post them all. Happy Christmas scrapping everyone! xox

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Like always, I didn't think it through

Ok, so I didn't quite think my RAK through. I probably should have had a draw of all the correct answers! But Pam was first so Pam wins! I didn't think it was overly difficult when I was doing the layout...but then again I was the person who thought it up. But a few family members had some trouble...not naming any names. So way to go Pam and you have some FAB Riff Raff goodness coming your way. Let's get together!!! We have to talk jewelry because I want to jingle for Christmas!!! Here's a shameless plug for Pam's blog as well because she makes to die for jewelry to bling you out this holiday season. Check her out HERE.

I'll blog again later in the week with a bunch of stuff you MUST see.
Tim Holtz is having his "12 tags of Christmas" and I teach at the Boys and Girls Club tomorrow night! Lots later! Be blessed! xo