Sunday, October 18, 2009


I questioned whether to post this or not. It brings up really, really painful memories for me. Not only painful, but embarrassing. Not only embarrassing...but expensive. But I had to scrap it. It's a bit busy but I like the collage-y feel. Honestly, I don't remember this happening at all but obviously it did. A picture is worth a thousand words. And the story is 100% true. It did happen on my first day back in town and they really did deliver it to Hub's office. Welcome to Toon Town!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Just sweet boy stuff. Because I have sweet boys.

Sometimes stuff can be simple. Most of the time I am of the mind that to be good and satisfying, a layout or altered project must take a hundred years to complete with nine thousand seperate steps and have my blood, sweat and tears attached to it. Well, blogging friends, it just doesn't have to be that way. This little gem took me less than 20 minutes to complete from initial idea to ink dry and I LOVE it!
I just grabbed a piece of cardboard, cut it 6x6, distressed it up and smooshed green ink onto it. Then I stapled on these wallet size photos which I am completely smitten with of course. Stamped some green circles with these great circle stamps from My Stamp Box, cut them out, glued them on, covered them with Glossy Accents, stapled on the bit of twill that says "A boy is a joy", used the same for the hanging part (just turned backwards) and Voila! Bathroom wall hanging a la Kate. But I took the picture on the deck because my bathroom light is not very cooperative for getting good photos. It's a little messy and simple and the colours are me. I didn't have to cry, I didn't bleed and it took no time at all. Maybe I am learning something here. xox

Friday, October 9, 2009

Grab a kleenex y'all

When you get frustrated with your kids today...or find yourself saying for the nine hundredth time "get off of me!" watch this. Put yourself back in check. With everyone in the house sick this week I know I had to.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Enough about some scrapbooking?

SO nice to goof around with friends this week on my blog but let's get down to work, shall we? I really have been working. In my amazingly well designed (for me) space that my husband has been diligently working on. It ain't pretty but boy is it functional. Sure, I'd loooove to have a space that is all Ikea matchy-matchy with pretty shelves and jars and many fabric lined baskets but that just isn't in the cards {or the budget} right now so I will settle for re-purposed wood, used brackets and an ugly but totally useable desk with a cool removable work surface. That my husband built with his own 2 hands. As soon as I get everything squared away I have full intentions of posting pictures. And good intentions pave the way to hell. No really, I'll get it done because I have big plans for many, many projects this week. It's exciting to go down to my room and not cringe! A couple projects last week that I didn't hate:

I started out here with a completely blank white chipboard tag and challenged myself to use stamps. I inked it with the teal and pink then tried out some foil along the edges. Never played with foil before...I like it. You may see more of the foil. Then I stamped some snowflakes in VersaMark and used clear embossing powder (picture=no justice). Burned myself with my heat gun (why does that thing get the better fo me every time???) I stamped the cute little birdie and the sentiment in black then coloured said birdie with markers. I think I would maybe change the ribbon colours next time but I had no pink ribbon that I liked. Fastened it on with my new love*, added the silver snowflake sticker and 7Gypsies dangle.

This one I started with a blank sheet of white cardstock. Apparently I need a lesson in blending...that part didn't match my initial vision. Oh well, on with the show. Everything is stamped except for the stiches and handwriting. I never change anything...I just consider it 2 photos down, 9,369 to go.

*New Love= THIS:

I held off for a long while...I mean really, it's just a stapler right? I have lots of sizes of staplers. But OH is it ever SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT! I enjoy making tags and attaching small items to my layouts and the staplers were so flimsy. This thing is like butter. Try it out. You won't be disappointed!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

To Catch a Crook

Finally, our cloak and dagger capers have contributed to our cause. We confronted the charm criminal and continued to be cordial.

Courteously asking for this cruel course of crime to cease. It quickly turned crooked and copious amounts of crude, childish fisticuffs ensued.

Char has criminal charisma but we have considerable clout.
Charm victory is ours!
Now to cart her off to where she can never again contrive charm chaos. The poor gal, she needs some Saucy-therapy in her life.

Saucy Strikes Back

Dear Crazy Lady (aka Char if that is indeed your real name because if I were a CHARmed crazed criminal I suppose I would call myself Char),

This is Saucy, who has taken over Kate's blog! Yes, that's right! Saucy knows how to do these things too! The only difference between Char and Saucy is that Saucy uses her powers for good, not for evil! You have met your match, Char (and again Saucy thinks that is an assumed name and your real name is that of a true criminal... perhaps it is Bonnie, Clyde or Martha!)

Saucy demands that you return Kate's bracelet at once! This act of inhumanity will not stand! Normally Saucy does not negotiate with terrorists (and by terrorists she means the average tantrum-throwing three year old) but this case demands a certain type of justice that only Saucy herself can administer!

Therefore, for the next 24 hours there will be, in a (separately disclosed to Kate) secret location, one replacement charm bracelet that Saucy demands you retrieve and then willingly surrender Kate's prize possession to her. If this act is not completed within 24 hours from the time of this post, Saucy will hunt you down and make you over!

aka Your Worst Nightmare

PS. You might want to lay low for a while!
PPS. That means stay clear of Winners!
PPPS. Because that's where Saucy hangs out!
PPPPS. She's got her eye on you!