Thursday, October 1, 2009

Saucy Strikes Back

Dear Crazy Lady (aka Char if that is indeed your real name because if I were a CHARmed crazed criminal I suppose I would call myself Char),

This is Saucy, who has taken over Kate's blog! Yes, that's right! Saucy knows how to do these things too! The only difference between Char and Saucy is that Saucy uses her powers for good, not for evil! You have met your match, Char (and again Saucy thinks that is an assumed name and your real name is that of a true criminal... perhaps it is Bonnie, Clyde or Martha!)

Saucy demands that you return Kate's bracelet at once! This act of inhumanity will not stand! Normally Saucy does not negotiate with terrorists (and by terrorists she means the average tantrum-throwing three year old) but this case demands a certain type of justice that only Saucy herself can administer!

Therefore, for the next 24 hours there will be, in a (separately disclosed to Kate) secret location, one replacement charm bracelet that Saucy demands you retrieve and then willingly surrender Kate's prize possession to her. If this act is not completed within 24 hours from the time of this post, Saucy will hunt you down and make you over!

aka Your Worst Nightmare

PS. You might want to lay low for a while!
PPS. That means stay clear of Winners!
PPPS. Because that's where Saucy hangs out!
PPPPS. She's got her eye on you!