Monday, April 4, 2011

Artist Profile

I adore art. might say "Well DUH Kate. You're an artist." But I don't just like a certain type of art. I love all art forms. I appreciate the beauty of a person's talent even if it is very different from my own. Or should I say especially if it is different from my own? I love to browse Etsy and bookmark my favourite unknowns and order things that make me smile and put all these wonderful things in my own art room to inspire me. Sometimes I know the person and it makes it that much more special. And sometimes I love them because they are dear to me. My Godmother has been somehow involved in every single milestone of my life and now I am blessed enough to spend time with her daughter Chelsea. She is a lovely young woman who has this shiny spirit you just can't take your eyes away from. She is a dancer and actually makes her living doing what she loves and when she needs a break...she creates. She is currently on an open ended visit home because of the disaster in Japan. That is where she lives and tells me she can't wait to get back. She is not only a creative inspiration to me but also a beautiful example of loyalty, dedication and faith. The last time we got together I was telling her about art journals...something I have been researching but haven't sat down to try yet. I was previously inspired by my friend Corinne. So now I have all the supplies to do it...I just need to get dirty. LOL Chelsea and I were talking about different forms of art journals and she has already done her first page! It perfectly reflects the technique. I am in love. She does these amazing canvases!!!
And often uses scripture in her work. Love.

This one is hanging in my art room.
AND she paints. Swoon. Who inspires you? Who is your favourite artist? Creativity really does feed your soul. xo