Thursday, June 12, 2008

Get back into the SCRAP of things!!!

My little man is 7 weeks old...where did that time go?!? Most of my 10 other friends/family have given birth as well or are well on their way. That's right...10. We all had a busy year apparently!!! I'll still be breastfeeding when this little shindig is happening but I have BIG PLANS to attend:

Check out Leica Forrest's Blog for more details. There will be some freakin' FANTASTIC Canadian talent there to teach their scrap-tastic projects. I am SO excited to meet Jackie Ludlage. Like I'm-a-geek-can't-speak-properly-in-her-presence-will-probably-embarass-myself-EXCITED. Jackie is the co-founder of Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine which published a layout by Leica Forrest last December featuring my Great White Scrapbooking program for the kids up here. Excited doesn't begin to describe!

I highly encourage you all the check this out...Leica puts on a heck of a good time and thanks to the FAB people who attend and of course Leica's generosity, a lot of $$$ will be going to charity. So come out and get your scrap on!

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