Sunday, November 16, 2008

Welcome the Boys and Girls Club!

If you are a Scrapdivalicious frequent flyer, you know that I started a free scrapbooking class for kids when we moved up North in 2006. At first, I did it with all my own supplies...BUT then in 2007 Jeannette from Scrap in Style encouraged me to ask the scrappers on her website for donations...THEN Leica Forrest did a layout about me for Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine and it just snowballed from there. Well, with all that support I couldn't just end that project in the North. When we moved, I left a ton of supplies so the girls could keep the class going and I still had enough to start a new class here. But where to begin??? Nothing was really presenting itself and all doors I knocked on closed until I spoke with the Boys and Girls club who were thrilled to have me! So now every second Wednesday I am over at the clubhouse with an ever growing number of kids grades 4 through 8. We are trying to get the supplies settled into the new space, figure out what we need and what we want to accomplish. So far, our fave thing to do is make cards for Corinne to support our troops overseas. We've also done some blank layouts and are trying to work on following instructions :0)
We're starting out slowly...right now it's the concept of "Paper, photo, decorations and journaling". Here are a few different versions of that:>
While we were cleaning up, one of the little guys grabbed some scraps and made a little headless man. He was so intent on it, it was great to watch it take shape with just some folding and tearing. I can't wait to see what they come up with next!

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