Friday, November 7, 2008

Spreading out the goodness

Ok,'s more then a week later. Can I say I am just trying to spread out the goodness as far as I can? LOL. I am still all aglow with the amazing good time I had at Leica's event on October 25th. I am already looking forward to the next one! Another girlie I just loved meeting was Jill Hildebrand. She is teaching on the cruise with Leica...the cruise that I have not yet attended and will not be attending in Feb. "Why am I always pregnant when you do that?!?" If you're a "Friends" fan you'll find that funny. If you're really won't know what I am talking about. Won't be the first time for me...;0)

Anyway, I missed the last one due to throwing up and the next one, I'll still be nursing. So I told Jill look out...2010 here I come!~

This lovely photo (and I use that term loosely) was taken at the very end of the night. Why do I do that??? Leica must have been super tired but you sure couldn't tell...that girl can look good in a wind storm let me tell ya. I stayed until the very bitter end...I was the last one to leave at my table. I wanted to squeeze as much alone time out of the day as I could!
So those are all the sweet ladies I had to brag about. Next time I'll snap some shots of the projects. And I swear, I'm almost done. Sure Kate, SURE. (insert eyeroll here)

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