Thursday, November 27, 2008

Just Cr8

You totally have to check out this website I mentioned a few posts ago...JUST CR8. Really gr8 Canadian based site for scrapbookers. WOW. Great inspiration in the gallery, fun challenges and amazing people! I just finished up with their Idols competition. I think 64 people were signed up to participate and the rules were simple: Sign up. Do one challenge a week for 5 weeks. Get one point for particiapting each week (and if you miss a week that's ok, you're not disqualified you just don't get points). Get more points if you ended up in one of the judges top 5. My goal for the entire competition was to get more than 5 points. And I got 9! So that was very exciting. Now I'll just keep plugging along, entering things that interest me until I hit the scrap jackpot! LOL. Here's a layout from week 2 where we had to cr8 a rebus puzzle: Leave a comment...there will be a little RAK for the first person who figures out the puzzle! I'm feeling a little Riff Raff coming someone's way! My new FAVE thing.


Pam said...

William, you are the center of my world my beautiful.

I love the page! Great job Kate!!

Pam said...

oops i forgot to add sun to the first post..sorry!

William, you are the center of my world, my beautiful son!

ps we should go for a playdate to enchantaland some day if you are free.