Thursday, November 20, 2008

For Kel...cause that's how we roll

Nothing serious today...just some big birthday fun! My friend Keli did some amazing invitations for her oldest daughter's birthday this month and I thought it was so completely blog worthy. So you must be asking "Kate, you always link up the FAB person's blog with their forgot to link Keli's blog!" No, dear people, alas I did not forget. Keli has put her blog aside :0( even though it was totally creative, funny and well-written. So Kel, this blog's for you baby. Leave a comment petitioning Keli to get back in the blogging world...cause I miss reading it! (Even though we talk on the phone pretty much every day but that's not the point) Aren't those totally adorable??? I'm SO copying that for my son's next birthday! Thanks Kel!

1 comment:

scrappaleica said...

love the invites Keli, they are cute! had fun the other day with you 2 chickies too!