Friday, July 25, 2008

Good-bye Connie, Hello Inspiration. The two are not related.

So the move is complete and I have said good-bye to some very dear friends. I haven't scrapped anything in a while with the new babe and the move but I all of a sudden felt the need to remember our time together by making a mini album the night before Connie and Derek left. Why do I leave these things until the last minute??? I hopped on the computer, printed some photos, used what little product I had that wasn't stashed in a box and I scrapped my little heart out amid a horrid MESS. It's not my finest masterpiece scrap-wise...but that wasn't the point. I just couldn't let her leave empty handed.

*Disclaimer* The pictures suck...I snapped them in 3 seconds before I threw it in the bag and dashed it out to Connie before they got into the car.

Looking back on the photos, we went through a lot of changes with the Dyck family. We'll miss them like crazy!!!
Other great scrappy news has me sending in entries to various competitions. I know, shut UP! Hard to believe I could actually get my act together long enough...I'm not expecting grand returns within a day but the important part is to get out there and get my feet wet. With the amount I am doing all at once, consider me soaked. Diving-in-head-first soaked. Ciao for now.


Sharon said...

Nice work on the mini album. I am sure your neighbors were thrilled with the keepsake. Hey, by the way good luck with the competitions. I hope the hot, hot buttons worked well on the page. Tee Hee!

Ralna Nordstrom @ Just Scrap It! said...

fabulous to have you here in town, I'm sure we'll see you every now and again.