Friday, October 17, 2008

Shout out to Sharon!

Quick, late night post here...just blog hopping to all my faves and I remembered that Sharon from JSI had given me some AMAZING vintage buttons to finish off a layout I did for the Memory Makers Masters competition this year. Well, I of course did not place...BUT it was a huge thrill entering. For real. I'm not just blowing smoke here. There is honestly a huge rush when you do the layouts, get them copied and put them in that box to send away. You're a little euphoric that you actually finished on time (there are quite a lot of steps for that particular competition) and then the high reaches an ultimate peak when you hand it over to the post office person. I DID IT! I don't care that I didn't win. I have 5 LOs I adore. And one of them has
to-die-for vintage buttons. THANKS SHARON!!! xox
***Photo disclaimer*** The flash was not nice to me! This is just one of many, many posts where I will throw in that I NEED a DSLR!


Sharon said...

Hey Kate Girl. Great to see you at Trisha's class today. Should let everyone know that there was some serious interest in one of Kate's layouts this weekend. She is truly amazing and when some of the best of the best stop to look at your page . . . someone should let everyone know. Kate . . . your scrapbooking is amazing!

Trisha Ladouceur said...

I second that motion!!! Kate, your layouts are amazing!!!! And if I remember correctly, you just about had it for our contest! Regardless, I think your stuff ROCKS and even if you didn't win Master's, you still did a kick butt job and it pushed you past your normal boundaries, giving you some phenomenal projects. Good on ya chickie! I definitely looking forward to seeing more of your work:)