Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Saddle Up, Scrap Class Rides Again!

The weather has settled down a wee bit...it was "only" (I use that term loosely) -18 C today. For all you Fahrenheit folks that would be about 0. And tonight it's dipping down to -47 C or -53 F. That's actually the warmest day we've had in a while so scrapbooking class was back on yesterday and that makes me extremely happy! Some of these kids are SO talented. We were just messing around with Valentine's cards and some decided to take on a bigger project and start some paperbag albums. Some of the guys were pretty jazzed to be making something personal for their girlfriends for Valentine's Day. I had them all convinced it was the best (and cheapest!) way to go...flowers are insanely expensive up here. So we had quite a few dropping in to create something sweet.

This morning I was up before the sun (which up here right now means about 8:30am) to teach a card class to some highschool students at Dene High. My close friend Denise teaches a Functional Intergrated Program which is a program that teaches life skills. She asked me to come in and do some Valentine's stuff with the kids for the better part of the morning. It took us all a while to get going but boy, when we started busting out the fancy paper and bling, these kids really started to shine. We did a bunch of embossing which everyone (even the crazy teacher) caught onto really quickly. In just one demonstration the kids were manning the embossing gun themselves. Check out some of the mad talent in these rookie papercrafters:






And we even got the teacher and tutor in on things!
Denise (Oops, I mean Ms. Dewling)

Tina (tutor)

Again, I have to thank a whole bunch of people for sending donations of scrapbooking supplies... from the SISters and MISters at Scrap In Style to all sorts of scrapbookers right across the country courtesy of the amazing layout Leica Forrest did about us for Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine in the Winter 2007/2008 issue. The call for supplies they put out has kept a steady stream of packages arriving every couple of weeks. This is how these programs stay running. THANK-YOU!!! For the first year I did the card making classes at both the elementary and highschool and I used all my own supplies...things were getting a little slim! But with the absolute outpouring of generosity I've not only stepped up the card classes but the Great White Scrapbooking Program is going strong (HUGE Thank-you to Dayna and Denise for all their help this week!) and the adult and family craft classes at Dene K'oe have started. I am really looking forward to seeing what happens this summer...I have MONSTER plans for an inner city scrapbooking program in Saskatoon. Stay tuned...you never know what I'll come up with next!


scrappaleica said...

Girl I'm so excited for you! It was fun to read your blog and see pics of their work. I betcha the smiles were huge this day! Keep up your great work!yes I'm in for a lunch date, sounds peachy! and I hope you and baby are doing good, and we can rub bellies in a few weeks!LOL! Imagine, at able of preggo mommies again but bigger tummies!tooo funny.

Anonymous said...

I think what you do is awesome!! Keep up the good work!!