Friday, February 1, 2008

Nesting, Cravings and other weird pregnant things not at all related to scrapbooking...unless I start eating my pattern paper.

Headache today. Tired belly. Tired everything in fact. That's probably because I spent the last two days cleaning out closets that didn't really need to be cleaned at that moment. It's a pregnant nesting thing and gives you scads of energy to complete the project your weird little mind sets itself to...and then you pay the price for the next several days. Day before yesterday it was the laundry and the linen closet (Also known as Junkville, USA) and yesterday it was my entire scrapbooking room. Well, the linen closet actually has only linen in it now and it looks fabulous. Look out Martha. And as for my scrapbooking room...I can honestly say that I can sit down and scrapbook now. Praise the Lord. It did need a general tidy but my main problem that was bothering my pregnant brain was my desk. I have this HUGE heavy desk that is 5 feet long by 2.5 feet wide...and my actual work space is about one foot by one foot because of all the supplies stored on top of the desk. So not only did I get myself in gear to do some cleaning, I also dragged the Hubs into the situation and made him hang two shelves. "You want me to do what?!" He also reminded me we are moving in 5 months. I didn't care. The shelves don't match and one of them isn't even painted. I didn't care about that either. I wanted to get that stuff off my desk. You really have a very focused mind for certain things when you are in your last trimester. Keeping track of your three year old, your keys and your sanity...not so much. But if there is a mess that is bugging you, you have extreme focus. So they are not so nice but terribly functional and I know some day I will have an amazing scrap space that is all matchy matchy and filled with wonderful items from Ikea and Home Outfitters. But for now, this is what is making me sublimely happy:

And just for fun, here is my six and a half month pregnant belly. The mirror was a little spotty but you get the idea...

I promised some stuff from my scrap classes last weekend but due to the extreme weather we have been having we had to cancel both classes. The adult class was cancelled because there was no heat in the building! So be week will bring some great creativity from the students! Until then, I'll have to post some new stuff. Stay tuned. xox


Glenda Tkalac, Canada said...

Hi Kate, thanks so much for your kind comments on my blog!! I checked you out on pg. 20 and that is so awesome what you are doing! I will keep you in mind when I go through my supplies! Those letters I used are from KI Memories and they are called "alphabet soup" and the color is "strawberry bisque". Have a great night!

Andrea said...

Your post makes me want to go and clean something! I love your little shelves...have a great day!!!