Saturday, February 9, 2008

Where does the week go?!?

First off...HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELI!!! Have a fabulous day girl, can't wait to see you!!! Check out Keli's blog...she has a great video on there right now courtesy of Wilna.

I seriously thought it hadn't been that long since I had blogged. Apparently my sense of time is a little warped. I have been busy...really I have. Not just pregnant eating busy but truly busy with things that need to get done which is a blessing because it means I'm still mobile enough to finish projects! I am doing SO much better than with my first pregnancy so if I'm not sitting at the computer I am going to rejoice because it means I'm still on my feet! A few things I've been working on:

Getting fatter...

Had fondue with the girls (and the little boys) on Thursday night. Fondue should be a food group.

Actual scrapbooking projects...
I am plugging away at my son's first year album right now. He's three. Yeah, I know. But it's my goal to have it done by the end of the month. Keep me accountable PLEASE!!! Bug me, pester me, e-mail me! Are you done yet Kate? Did you scrapbook today Kate? How's the album coming Kate?! I'm doing pretty good, especially since I've been scrapjacking Christine Middlecamp for a few layouts. She's somewhat hard to jack because of all the great layered elements in her work but she definitely gives me the inspiration and general direction to go in.

I can't claim that they look anything like her work but I'm extremely pleased with them. Here's one I love.

Just a side note: I seriously didn't mean for there to be a huge "BS" in the title, those just happened to be the Thickers I had available. SIGH.

And the layout that inspired it.

Check out Christine's gallery on Scrap In Style TV.

Other than that...the weather has been horrendously cold and all classes have been cancelled unfortunately. Monday the kids class starts again and hopefully we'll have almost everyone there. We haven't had a proper class since before Christmas because of this insane cold and I've been trying to get a group photo so I can do a layout as a thank-you to Canadian Scrapbooker for publishing us. I'll get there eventually...Scrap Happy everyone!


Cricket said...

great layout jack! LOL on the "bs" in the title, didn't even notice it until you mentioned it!!

Yumm on the fondue, makes me want to make some tonight!


Pam said...

I love that new layout Kate!!
Glad to here that you are feeling well! We don't have long to go now!
Now I want fondue...pregnancy cravings..NO...I just love Fondue!

Kelly said...

I love the LO of will! So adorable. I love that you take pictures of them, if I had my camera I would too. I also wish I was there for the fondue :(