Thursday, January 24, 2008

Many Blessings and lots of Bling Baby!

Must, must MUST post another thank-you! This time, I have lots of pictures and I can even feature some amazing layouts by the most generous and caring

MELANIE from Columbia, Maryland USA!!!

Check out her awesome blog...not dedicated to scrapbooking but rather to the wonderful world of books. I know I'll be using her reading lists in the near future!

This girl also has mad talent as a scrapbooker. I love her style and she does the most amazing things with vintage photos. I have gained some serious inspiration from her Scrap In Style Profile because I never, ever know how to do justice to my vintage photos. Melanie knows...and it shows. Check it out:

And her pages for recent photos are great too. I just LOVE the simple yet poignant journaling on this one:
Her use of colour always catches my eye and I love all the layering of the "extras". Love it Mel!
This photo absolutely does NOT do her donation justice but here it is anyway. Mel, could you have donated any more rub ons girl?!? THANK-YOU!!! One of the girls did a layout at todays class and she was pretty excited to finish it off with those oh so cute Mod Citrus rub ons. But more about that in my weekend blog post...
Again, from the very bottom of our hearts, Thank-you Melanie. I wouldn't be doing this class without the help of scrapbookers like you! I will be posting a great layout by one of the students on the weekend and telling a bit more about the class.

Until next time people...go glue something!


Lisa said...

Oh Wow! how super sweet! and yes, she is a very nice person. Looking forward to the new pages by the scrappers :)

melanie said...

can't wait to see what your student scrappers make! thanks for the tribute! you are too sweet.

scrappaleica said...

Melanie, your work is very good and I love that you helped out Kate. she is so sweet and true!

Anonymous said...

Kate, I have a PILE of paper to send you! Is there any other way other than Canada Post to send stuff to you - like maybe Greyhound?

please email me ldaustman at shaw dot ca