Saturday, January 19, 2008

Blog withdrawl

Finally back from holidays (it was wonderful) and now I actually have to get some work done. Why does that happen? We have to go and spoil that euphoric high you get from being somewhere warm with...laundry, bills, paperwork and deadlines. Oh to win the lottery and be a professional woman of leisure. But that is not to be (not this week anyway) so here I am updating you on all the stuff that has happened since the New Year. With maybe a picture or 2 thrown in for colour. So off we go.

Things to be thankful for in 2008:

* The baby is extremely active. Upside: feels neat. Downside: I feel like my liver is being beaten to a pulp. Not so neat.

* Spring is just around the corner. It is, right? Someone please tell me it's almost here...

* Have tons of pictures printed to scrap son #1's first year book. That is my goal before son #2 arrives. Oops, did I type that out loud?

* Many, many people to thank for all their wonderful donations for the Great White Scrapbooking Program! True to our name, we have received TONS of snow here and it's hindering class a bit but we'll be back at it before we know it.

I have been sort of featuring people who have sent donations...with pictures of them, their work or pictures of the donations themselves. Well, due to technical difficulties (the technical part being me and my pregnant brain) I have no photos to go with today's thank-you. But I wanted to give a HUGE shout out to WENDY from SASKATOON for her caring and generosity! Wendy, thank-you SO MUCH for your many donations. They are appreciated!

I have another free class on the go as well...several posts back I had pictures of the Family Class held in conjunction with the Dene K'oe (pronounced KWAY) program. Well, Leona has been on her toes this month and has already been advertising for our adult class to start next Wednesday night. I'm really looking forward to it! I hope this wickedly cold weather goes away so it's a little easier for people to attend. Numbers tend to drop with the temperature around here. You just want to stay inside wearing big fuzzy socks and drinking hot chocolate! So I will post some photos of that next week along with our projects. Good times!

As promised, a few pictures. Not scrapbook related but I have been taking a bit of a break from that over the last few weeks, recovering from all the stuff I made for Christmas! Look for more layouts next week.
Keli and I sporting the bellies on the beach. I probably should have asked Kel first before posting her naked pregnant belly on the internet...I guess we'll find out soon how she feels about that! Sorry babe, let me know.
The weather was not so nice so we had lots of time to snap pictures. My husband does a great job!

It was so windy...the hair didn't cooperate so much but I'm happy to have the pictures. Very few photos with son #1 as he came a month early!
The courtyard right outside our room. Gorgeous!
More later on the Mexican Adventure! I HIGHLY encourage anyone else who took a warm holiday last year to share a bit of your us all get through this next nasty month! Where did you go? What was your favourite part? Share a photo with us!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,
This is Kendra again I was wondering if you could e-mail me w/ some good places to buy scrapbooking materials. My address is
Fan of your scrapbooking,
Kendra Gilbert

p.s If it is at all possible I think I'm addicted to scrapbooking. lol