Thursday, March 13, 2008

I have mean reasons...really I do

Ok, so the blog got pushed to the wayside during our housing search. THAT was something I don't want to repeat. My wedding was less stressful and giving birth naturally was far less painful. Seriously. But then when we got home and I tried to blog...nothing. I have been having horrible issues with blogger. Is anyone else having trouble? It wasn't loading pictures, it was kicking me off randomly and everytime I went to a new page it would say the page was unavailable. Weird. I guess it's all better now...I'll find out when I go to load the photos in!
So what's new and scraptastic in my world? We are winding down the Great White Scrapbooking Club for the Easter break. Today will probably be our last class for a while as I have a little appointment to give birth soon. Well, not so much an appointment as the baby will come whenever it darn well feels like it. Only God knows. So I'll finish up this session with a great little matchbook album project...I'll post pictures of that next week.

We have been going strong with the ladies class at the Dene K'oe program as well. Last night was fun, we worked on Spring/Easter cards even though it was blizzarding outside!!! Gotta love the North baby. Last week we were fooling around with doodling and made a little cardstock album with a ribbon or fibre closure. My favourite book right now for doodling is called "Doodling for Papercrafters" By Maelynn Cheung but I really want to get my hands on a copy of "The Doodle Formula" By Adrienne Looman.

A few of the ladies brought their children and even 5 year old Hailey got in on the action. She has been a solid fixture in the class and participates as well as the older girls! What a great time. The donated supplies are a real blessing. We've been able to do several different projects each week. When I move this summer, I will be staying in contact with the program coordinator, Leona so I can continue to send her supplies to keep the scrapbooking class going. We have a good core group and I certainly don't want the program to dissolve with my departure. So we really, really appreciate all the generosity that let's me distribute supplies to the 2 seperate classes we have going on right now. Thank you all so much. Here are just a few finished projects from last week...
No pictures yet, but easily added later. The doodle on this was inspired by "52 Scrapbooking Challenges" By Elsie Flannigan.
Here is what little Hailey came up with...the kids love the stickers. They are always a huge hit at the card classes as well. She said she wanted to put a picture right on the front, so she made her own photo mat.
Other than my regular classes, I'll be over at the elementary school next week doing Easter cards with the Pre K to Grade 6 classes. 2 mornings, trying to fit everyone in! I'll take some photos of the finished work there...should be interesting. I have big plans with ribbon for those projects!

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