Thursday, December 6, 2007

Family Scrapboooking at it's finest

Once a month I head over to the DuMont Technical Institute building and teach a scrapbooking class for the Dene K'oe (Pronounced KWAY) Family Acitivity Night. This is a great program led by Leona, the Dene K'oe Self Help Council Inc's Youth/Family Support Worker. This is a very enthusiastic bunch! Our first couple of classes we started out with simple cards but are now into full scrapbook pages. Numbers vary with the insanely cold weather and the ages range from the very small (3yrs) to the very tall (Um, no age mentioned here!!!) and even the Dads get in on the creating.

This program is held every Tuesday night and it is to promote family togetherness through crafts. Ornaments, painting, you name it...but the first Tuesday of every month is scrapbooking. So this week I taught everyone how to work off of a sketch. I absolutely LOVE the Pencil Lines website for this. If you are stuck for inspiration, just head over there and find amazing ideas with just one click! I hear it all the time...I don't scrapbook because I'm not creative. I want to scrapbook but I can never think of what to do. I have a bunch of supplies but I don't know how to use them. Well, the pencil lines site cures that and more! Working from a sketch is not a road's meant to inspire you and cultivate your own interpretation of the sketch. Well, the kids certainly had their own interpretation! Following directions, not so much a priority for the little guys but boy, did they ever have FUN. And that is what it is all about! Some beautiful work was done and I can't thank my fellow scrapbookers enough for all the donations of used supplies! Especially Leica Forrest for her crops held at Yesterday's Memories and Jeanette and the amazing people over at Scrap In Style!!! Couldn't have done it without you girls. Take a look at what the kids were up to (stickers are very popular!):

And with such long waits for photos way up here, a main focus on the class was how to do a blank layout and that it's ok to add pictures later. Here is the main sketch from the Pencil Lines site and the example I came up with. I kept it very simple and to the point to show how fast and easy it can be. Voila! 15 minutes later you have a scrapbook page:

Thanks to everyone who participated and I am so looking forward to our classes in the new year! Leona and I have some ideas up our sleeves for a twice monthly adults only scrapbook class starting in late January. Watch for the flyers and come on out to finish up those projects!!!


Kelly said...

Thanks for finally posting pictures, I love that you do this. You have such a big heart and with your organization and determination ... look out! You are amazing and I hope someone up there will continue this once you move "home".

Kelly S. said...

how great you are sharing your talent with these kids!
hope you are well and enjoyingthe season!

melanie said...

please show us more of their work. you are wonderful - i pray you stay healthy so you can continue your outreach to these sweet children.

Angie said...

Here are two more wonderful sites for Scrapbook sketches. I have printed all of them off, and keep them in my inspiration binder. I haven't been to the pencil lines site yet..I'll have to check it out.

Liz Rempel said...

Kate - what you are doing it great, I can't commend you enough for what you are doing - it was also really neat to see one of the stickers I know I donated on the pages - please post more.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,
This is Kendra Gilbert from last nights scrapbooking class. I had lots of fun I can't wait to go out of town to start buying my own supplies. I know I'll never be a good as you but I'm gonna start.
Your work is awesome and it's an honour to have you come in to teach us some of your tricks.
Thanks a bunch