Wednesday, July 22, 2009

FINALLY...a little bit of everything

Ok, so I don't know how to use one of those fancy random number generators and I don't have that many followers to add to the draw anyway! I am a simple gal...I wrote down the names on scraps of paper and did a good old fashioned draw. And the winner is...drumroll please...


Wow lady, do you have horseshoes around your neck these last couple of months or what? LOL I have a package of card making goodness for you but I can't drop it off until the first week in August. Hope that is OK with you!

As for jacking Keli's layout...I had a good time with it. The photos are courtesy of Sheryl Schmidt. She was testing out her zoom lense at the last Sask Scraps event. A good time was had by all! Thanks for the goofy pics Sheryl. Love ya!

Off to the lake...blogging is being ditched for sun (hopefully). Wish me luck!


coRinne not connie said...

you're just tooo generous chickie!

Saucy said...

Corinne wins! Awesome!

Kate said...

I think it's you're just tooooo lucky girlfriend! Can't wait to see you!