Thursday, March 4, 2010

Inspired By Saucy {again}

I was peeking at Saucy Sprinkles today and she had a lovely list of gentlemen on there entitled "Saucy's amended celebrity boyfriend list". And although I think Saucy has...well...Saucy-licious taste in the gentlemen, it got me to thinking of what my own list would look like. Because I don't even have a first list...let alone an amended one. Which then led me to think about how the Hubs teases me relentlessly anytime we see a Matthew McConnaughey flick. Because apparently he's my secret celebrity boyfriend. And how can one argue with that? So I am putting this out there for all of blogging land to view because it's a great record of me. At 33. And what's "blowing my skirt up" these days. As the Hubs would say. Here we go, in no particular order but I will save the best for last.

Ty Pennington...because anyone who can build me one of these:

While looking like this: pretty OK in my books. I swoon at the sight of a tool belt. {And a great little tidbit of info is that one of my gym instructors totally looks like him.}

Confession: I am a wolf girl. Vamp tramps beware.

Yes, I remember how old I am. Yes, I remember how old he is. This is probably a great time to explain that I don't really like actors per say. I like the characters they play. I don't find Taylor Lautner particularly attractive. {OK, maybe from the neck down...but I digress} I just really like the whole tough guy-turned-wolf scenario. {And shoulder tattoos are totally sexy} So in my mind, Jacob Black certainly isn't a teenager and let's leave it at that.

I am also a big fan of the Lord of the Rings movies which leads nicely into Viggo Mortenson:
and Orlando Bloom:

Who both normally would never make the list at all but I loooove the characters they play in those movies. Are you sensing a theme of make believe here people?

In real life I do dig the badge. So of course the hard edged Stabler (Christopher Meloni) makes the list. {And just as an aside, his partner on SVU Mariska Hargitay is my hands down favourite small screen actress}
And the whole badge thing wouldn't be complete without a little Johnny Utah aka Keanu Reeves in Point Break. That is a great movie. He is not a good actor. Tight t-shirt. Muscles. Gun. Badge. OK, you can stay.

*Alert* Little known fact about Kate...

I love football movies. I actually don't understand the rules of football, have no idea how the scoring works and wouldn't know good strategy if it hit me in the face but as a good Saskie girl I bleed green {Go Riders!} and I didn't have a hard time watching a sweaty James Van Der Beek toss around the ol' pig skin in Varsity Blues.

Now here we go again with the "I like the characters not the actors" thing. I loved Brad Pitt in Legends of the Fall. Oh my word did I love Brad Pitt in Legends of the...ok ok, you get the point. And I also almost fainted dead away when he said "Absolutely" in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. On a whole though, not a huge Pitt fan. But it's my list and I can add any conditions I want.
OK, I saved the weirdest one for next to last here. Timothy Olyphant. Dude, I am not going to knock your acting one little bit but I had a tough, tough time finding a hot picture of you. My apologies to your Mrs. {if you have one} but I just didn't find any of your photos attractive. But your totally skeazy portrayal of drug dealer Todd Gaines in the movie Go tickled my fancy. Nice job.
And now for the only secret celebrity boyfriend any girl needs. A little Matthew McConnaughey a la Sahara.
This is one actor I like in almost everything he does. I don't know what he is like in real life and I don't want to know. This is a make believe list. I love the scruff. I love the hemp necklace. I love the muscles. I love the hair. I love the tan. I love the dimples. Do I really need to go on here? I even liked the gag worthy character he played in Dazed and Confused. You know the guy who keeps getting older but loves the high school girls because they stay the same age? I even liked that guy. He was great in A Time To Kill and along those same lines Amistad. The lawyer life suits him. As does advertising executive, doctor, treasure hunter, yacht salesman, military man and football coach. Because I really loved How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, The Wedding Planner, Sahara, Failure to Launch, U-571 and We Are Marshall. Did I really just do a whole paragraph on my MM crush? I've told you everything. Who is on your secret celebrity boyfriend list? I really, really want to know. It makes my confessions seem less awkward.
*This list is by no means complete and I absolutely reserve the right to change anything at any time.*


Wiebe Family said...

Ok, I'll just tell you my list. My hubs knows it,i know it. Its short, only 2 celebs.
#1 Patrick Dempsey (yummy-Greys Anatomy, Enchanted, Maid of Honour.

#2 Matthew McConnaughey- my fave movie of all time is A time to Kill. So good. And all the above things that you

Jerri-Lea said...

Great comment on Saucy's! Some people!

I've always had a soft spot for John Travolta! Not in the Grease phase but in his more mature, later life appearance. I suere wouldn't turn down a hug!

Kate said...

Or kick him out of bed for eating crackers? LOL

Sheryl said...

Hey Kate, I completed my own list. I'm totally on board with you in that some of the actors I like are because of the characters they play and not always them. In the end though you are way to funny and I love that you can put a smile on my face. You Rock!!

Sue Sykes said...

Oh, Kate - what a yummy list!! You've inspired me to create my own... :)

Kelly said...

I agree with the MM thing ... but a few of the others left me shaking my head. But I still Love YOU

Kate said...

And I still love YOU even though you rot your brain watching the Bachelor/ette. It's the differences that make us better friends. ;0)

Bamm-ela said...

You can have 'em all. There is no crossover on our lists ... EXCEPT Stabler. Listen, you've got a real-life badge-man, leave the fantasy one to me, okay? I love him and I want to BE Mariska Hargitay - go figure (I just watched three episodes in a row that I had recorded this week, including one in which he held her in his arms - sigh. Yummy!)

Other than that, I've always had a special place in my heart for Liam Neeson. Mmmmm, Irish accent! Double Yum.

In real life, I love scrawny little athletes, but in fantasy, my taste turns to witty, intelligent, chubby, funny guys (read Brent Butt). I don't know why, but a man who can make me laugh is worth at least two who spend their time preening in the mirror (read MM, Orlando Bloom, Keanu Reeves - definitely Keanu!)Bet you'll let me keep that one for myself!

Kate said...

All yours babe. LOL And I am pretty sure MM doesn't preen. I go for the dirty scruffy guys I think.