Sunday, October 31, 2010


Frugal Friday has turned into "Frugal Whenever I Want" so Happy Halloween! Is there a holiday that has more frugal potential than Halloween? I think NOT! What did you send the kids off as this year? We had a couple of pirates in this house and it only cost me $20. We got them each this wild set of accessories...sword, hook, eye patch and earring. Then I fashioned them a bandanna, jacket of sorts and painted them up. Well, truth be told only one little pirate made it out the door this year. Pirate #2 wasn't feeling well so he stayed home with Mummy. But he's 2 and doesn't care about anything but the orange sucker I gave him. What's frugal about Halloween? Well I will tell you what's frugal about Halloween:
~Hop on the internet for some interesting ideas and then hit the thrift store for the costumes. It is amazing what you can find for totally low prices!
~Planning ahead will save you money. Going to WalMart the day before Halloween will break the bank every single time. Do I have to admit that I did that this year? LOL I had a plan in mind so it didn't break the bank BUT I was at WalMart yesterday. {gulp} it was a madhouse. I almost lost one of the children under a pile of costumes.
~Candy Candy CANDY. Save me from all the sugar. Spell with me for a moment: C-O-N-F-I-S-C-A-T-E. Spell it loud and spell it proud. As soon as that bag comes into the house I whip out the Ziplocs. One Ziploc is for acceptable lunch items (fruit snacks, puddings, etc. Those come from the Grandmas. They do up the treat bags right!), one Ziploc for "Oh my word there is NO WAY on earth I would ever give you that" which is saved for next year (Yup, I do it. Kids don't care and between parades, birthday parties, Easter and Christmas you would be appalled at how big my collection is by the time Halloween rolls around again) and of course the bag that holds the stuff that isn't too bad and they can have one piece after school (sugar after supper around here is a no go).
~Not only our money is meant to be saved. Time is precious! Plot with another family and swap talents. Let the Dads take the kids out while the Mums stay back to hand out candy...and maybe have a sip or two of fine wine! If treats are required for school swap some childcare for a couple dozen cookies. You get the idea. We are all in this together...let's show some support!
~When the weather doesn't cooperate (This year is the exception!) hit the local malls. You stay warm and dry but the kids still get to haul in the loot.
~And if you have decided that Halloween is not your thing...get together with other parents who share the same views and party hard! Gather for some fun and games and have each parent bring one item to be put into a loot bag for the kids. A girlfriend of mine does this and it is a huge hit. She had 27 kids and 16 parents (bless them) at her house last night! It was a humdinger of a good time and none of the kids feel like they have "missed" Halloween. They just go about it in a different way.
~I used to be the full size chocolate bar house. This was before we had 2 kids and lived on one income. You don't have to be that house. Your enthusiasm and participation is far more appreciated than what type of candy you give out. Although I do remember the pic-a-pop house. And the older couple who gave out coupons for McDonalds french fries. But that was um...well...let's just say it was a few years ago and times have changed. The pic-a-pop guy worked there and probably didn't pay much for them and I bet the McDonalds house owned a franchise. LOL Nowadays you can drop half a weeks grocery money buying Halloween candy. Just don't. And let's leave it at that.
Hope you all have a spooktacular time tonight! I know my night will be interesting. I made a pact with a friend that we will not break the seal. Not ONE piece of Halloween candy will pass our lips. I'm not sure I was in my right mind when I made that promise. Say a prayer for me. xo


sassy said...

hiya girl! my fav glue is ez6000 but the next time I make up a batch of names I'll make you a new one no problemo-it might be a few months away-I am still taking 4 classes and working-busy bee! I love your frugal tips-and listen to so many great tips! I'd love ot hear how you plan meals that suit your little boys and the big one.....a month or week by week? I need some help here!

Kate said...

It is a week by week thing for our meals. If I do it at all. LOL I go through the pantry and freezer and make up meals with as much of what we already have as I can before I do my weekly shopping. So for example I will make a roast chicken for supper with all the trimmings then take all the meat off for lunches the next day. The carcass goes into the crockpot to make soup for the next days supper (with fresh bread!). I love multiple meals like that. Saves time! And thanks for the tip on glue. The Hubs is going to try it out. Put me on your list for a new "Amanda" please! In pink! I cherish it, thank-you so much.

Kelly said...

Great post Kate - I love how you included me, the 'crazy lady' who had 26 kids and 16 adults over to my house on halloween ... and I wonder why I'm crashing these days? lol Love you heaps bestie.