Thursday, May 26, 2011

The very BEST competition I ever lost-Camp Croppin' 2011

I can't believe I haven't blogged about Camp Croppin' yet!!! Many things have been going know how it is. Whenever I sat down to blog it, something else came up. Election. Layouts. Whatev. So here it is! We had an AMAZING time!!! As always. Camp Croppin' really is what you make it. And every year it just gets better and better for our crazy group! This year Flat Amanda was retired to make way for ACTUAL AMANDA! Truth be told...she is WAAAY more fun! But don't tell Flat Amanda that, it might hurt her feelings. I think you can check out her antics HERE.

Photo by Barb Riley's camera (who took this one?)

The classes were outstanding as usual and I got to be a Tent Mum for the wonderful people of Prima and Stampendous! What a great day that was! A highlight for me was meeting Matt from Bo Bunny. At first I was SO disappointed that the ladies would not be there in their matching sweaters with their songs and laughs. And then the product was changed from Timepiece to Gabrielle. I know. They sent a boy and I wasn't getting to work with the product I had been drooling over!!! Shut the province down. But Matt was a RIOT. He truly loves his company and it really shows. He even modelled the coveted Bo Bunny purse for us. I don't think I have ever wanted to win a draw so badly! But it went to our own Lori Colton so at least it is in our little scrap family!

Photo by Barb Riley

Another highlight for me was the keynote speaker. When talented, strong, inspirational women should listen up. So I was super happy when I found out it was Katharina Doyle from Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine. I hold both her and Jackie Ludlage in high regard. They wanted something and they ran after it. Admirable. Photo by Allison Orthner Photo by Allison Orthner
Who had the camera we were actually looking at? Anyone? Anyone? Buhler?

On to the prizes!!! The competition is always one of my fave parts because every single dollar from the entry fees goes to the children's hospital. And that just makes me feel so good! Our friends from last year Leonka and Marilyn were in attendance again! These girls are definitely honourary Saskies. They are such a hoot. Leonka rocked the journalling prize and then read it to the group. It was epic. Standing ovation afterward. It was an honour to be in that room.

Photo by Barb Riley

After we all had a good cry when Leonka was done at the podium we were cheering for the photo prize and eagerly anticipating the rest of the prizes (they SO ROCKED) when the third prize was called and Amanda and I whooped it up big time and had to poke her several times to get her was Corinne!!! Can I get a WOO HOO?! She was so engrossed in making her cards she didn't even realize it was her! So the 2 green tables went wild yet again!

Photo by Barb Riley

Second prize was announced and then the biggie...Top winner! We were really rooting for Amanda...her layout was the ugliest cry we have all had in a very long time and I can't wait for you all to see it in an upcoming edition of Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine. Epic isn't the word. On pins and needles we waited for the announcement we hoped...nay...KNEW would come...

Photo by Barb Riley

Cue Team Green to go WILD again!!! Seriously, we needed a whole lot of tissue!!! It was so amazing!

Photo by me with Barb Riley's camera
Photo by Barb Riley
Photo by Barb Riley
Where on earth would we be without each other? Having supportive friends who will cheer for you is so important. I felt honoured to be part of the loudest, rowdiest team at Camp Croppin'! You don't you Megan? We love your event and just can't be anyone but ourselves when we stampede through your doors!

Even though I do love the competition part and now have several layouts in my albums that I adore, I was the proudest of my own little fundraiser for the hospital. I made 250 cupcakes and toted them all the way to Calgary. The ladies were more than generous with their donations and I am so thankful for that.

Photo by Allison Orthner
I love this event for the people, the laughs, the cries, the FUN! {And maybe the late night snacking too!} It is wonderful to attend something with all my scrap friends and just be laid back and comfortable. a good way. And just soak in the great atmosphere. I know they say third time is the charm but I am headed toward my 4th year.

Camp Croppin' 2012. Who is in?!

{I did not break out my camera even once. So if I have messed up any of the photo credits I apologize!}


Allison Orthner said...

I, too have attended Camp Croppin' for about as many years as they have run it and it's always PURE joy to see you "green girls" arrive as not only do you bring huge LIFE to the party, but great layouts (that I have such a hard time judging as they're ALL so good), but my favourite part is the huge HEART you all bring... it really is so rewarding to see :) And a special thanks to you, Kate, for always being so warm to me personally... it truly means alot... and for being one of our most loyal CS magazine fans. Blessings!!!! Allison

Sue Sykes said...

Oh man, I am soooo coming next year!!! Looks like you guys had so much fun!!

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