Monday, February 10, 2014

You just have to pay careful attention...and you will feel it.

This morning it was cold. Ridiculously cold. Run for the airport no matter what the cost is...COLD. -31C without the windchill and I. Was. Grumpy. I am not usually a huge complainer when it comes to the weather. We live in Saskatchewan. It snows here. It's cold. Get over it. There is really no use being all awful about it and bringing other people down with you. Well, you can ask my Hubs...I am bringing people down lately. LOL Namely, HIM. I just need a little sun, a little warmth. For pete sake, I just want to be able to sit on my couch in less than 5 layers of clothing without shivering. I was complaining about it pretty good this morning after taking the kids to school and I thought "I just need SOMETHING. Something good. Something that shows me the end is at least SOMEWHERE. I just want to feel a little bit of Spring happiness." I was literally mentally begging God because I had no fortitude left. And then I sighed and got up to get some more coffee. When I came back to the couch (with all my work spread all over God's half acre) I stopped at the window and...there it was. My little bit. At first I wasn't sure I was hearing correctly; the sweet sound was a little confusing. There were birds chirping in the tree right outside my window. It went on for a few minutes and it made me smile.
A couple hours later I had to dress up and trudge back out into the cold to pick the kids up at school. Don't get me wrong, I am not hard done by. I drive and I make sure I run the vehicle enough to at least be tolerable. But...I was still grouchy even though it had actually warmed up about 10 degrees since the morning. Still not was -21...-27 with the wind chill. I tried hard to continue in my grumpiness but as I drove past this big bush on 5th street I had to do a double take. Normally, this bush is very bare but today it was...somehow...bushy looking. Nice description, Kate. LOL But that is all I can come up with. It was still brown, but it was fluffy. So I slowed down and took a good close look and was really surprised. There were literally hundreds of small brown birds filling the branches of the bush with their feathers all fluffed out. It was really neat and I wish I had a photo to go with it. So when you are feeling really down; like there is no end in sight to whatever is getting you down...just pay close attention. I am sure He has something to lift you up. You just have to open your eyes and see it.

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