Monday, October 22, 2007

Always willing to share the wisdom

As some of you know, I live in Northern Canada. We do things a little differently up here sometimes. I like to fish. And camp. And we love our boat. Now for some women, that may not be so weird. But up here it is not uncommon for us to have a picnic at the lake when it is around 10 degrees celcius. This is a fairly decent fall day for us. So I thought I'd pass along the number one BEST, most delicious, fattening camping dessert out there. I have no idea if this is strictly a Canadian thing...or if lots of you have heard of this but I am talking about the wonderful, amazing, out of this world PUDGY PIE. The name says it all. Here's how you wow your taste buds. This recipe is courtesy of my good friend Megan who introduced me to this wonderful little marvel just this summer on our families camping trip together:

First you need a bush pie maker. Cast iron is the best. It's like a camp fire version of a sandwich maker. You can do ham & cheese, pizza, any pie filling, etc but the Pudgy Pie is hands down my fave. Butter the outsides of the bread, place into the bush pie maker butter side down. Now spread a generous amount of peanut butter on the inside. We have a double pie maker so it saves a lot of time and arguing over who gets the first one. They are a bit more expensive but trust me, it's a sound investment.

Put some squares of chocolate on top of that and then balance your marshmallows on top of that. Then drizzle caramel sauce all over everything. Drooling yet? Now butter more bread and put it on top butter side up. That keeps it from sticking.

Now here's where it gets tricky. Close the contraption so everything squishes together but try not to lose any of the good stuff. Now place it on a cozy camp fire for a few minutes. Make sure you stand there and turn it every so often and you have to open it to see how close you are to golden brown perfection. And if it's dark out, you need a good friend to hold a flashlight for you while you open it and check. Thanks Megan. Love ya baby.

And thus, the pudgy pie comes to life. It is 100% essential that you eat it on a chilly Canadian evening with a mug of hot chocolate. Enjoy! And if you have already heard of the bush pie maker...give a shout out and tell me what your favourite recipe is for using this brilliant invention. I have a feeling we have one more pudgy pie picnic in us before the snow falls. Oh I hope. :0)


Ralna @ Just Scrap It! said...

hmmm I think we'll be doing this. I love bush pies but... bush pies with pb & chocolate, sounds like heaven in a sandwhich yum!

Wiebe Family said...

i like bushpies with pie filling inside...cherry is very good....mmmm

Kelly said...

I would love to try this invention ... maybe in the summer:)

Lori said...

We call those Hobo Pies here in Michigan!! They are the best!!! We do Pizza ones, PB&J ones, PB and Chocolate ones, the list goes on and on!! And we also have the double maker, this is a must when you have children!!! (no fights on who get the first one)

Lori B

Anonymous said...

We use our pie makers for everything... Pizzas, Cherry Pies (try it with cream cheese smeared on one side... Mmm!), PB with bananas & chocolate, Campfire McMuffins (make sure you cook the egg in the campfire cooker first - just use it like a little cast iron frying pan over the fire). These are by far the best camping gear I have ever owned, and I can't wait to try your recipe!

Shay said...

i'm used to using bannock instead of bread, but either way this sounds delish