Sunday, August 16, 2009

Another Saucy-tini anyone?

But of course! Saturday night I stayed out waaaaay too late carousing with some sweethearts of the blogging world. Did I just hear you snort? We are SO sweet, just never mind. We convened at Saucy's place where she was shakin' her thang in the midst of some cocktails. That girl can mix a cran-tastic drink let me tell ya. I was not partaking of the alcoholic type that night but that didn't slow Saucy down for a second. Virgin Saucy-tini coming up. Sigh. It was wonderful. I mean come ON...who doesn't like a pink drink with floating fruit?!? Sigh me up.

And this is a creation I will be trying (and I use that term loosely) to recreate in the very near future. Brie cheese topped with a mouthwatering combination of brown sugar and berries. Baked on a cedar plank surrounded by toasted buttery bread. Oh you heard me.
I had 3 little golden toast rounds with this concoction on it...felt guilty afterwards and loved every minute of it!

So I do have other photos...but they aren't mine to post and the conversation was too good to bother getting much in focus. I will learn to use this darn camera properly one day, I swear.

These girls are such a riot. We laughed and hollered until the wee hours. I haven't had that kind of raucous good time in a long while. Much needed. Much appreciated! Thanks Saucy understand the desired Martha-ness of my world and inspire me to create even more good things.

Stop the love. Oh my word. {Don't aren't supposed to get that. But I bet Karen just burst out laughing.}


Saucy said...

Oh, I am still laughing about the goings-on! What a bunch of characters we gathered. My cheeks actually HURT on Sunday from the smiling and laughing.

And we still have to pow-wow about November, and possibly the photo workshop. Let's chat soon. Glad you had fun!!

Making that brie concoction on Veto's birthday this weekend. Hoping not to combust it this time.

Jerri-Lea said...

It was such a fun night and certainly nice to meet you!