Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Ooooo, I hope Kate is ok with this!

This is Char. No last name needed as I don't wish to incriminate myself further. As you can see, Kate and I have been friends, oh, forever. And for most of those years I thought she was crazy. She bakes, she scrapbooks, she tells me all about her crafty friends. I can appreciate the work but think WHY? I am on Weight Watchers and *shouldn't* eat cupcakes and I don't like to glue things. Kate makes me scrappy stuff so I don't have to. But I DO love holidays. And all the Martha-ness that goes with them. So I went a little out of my head (probably due to the lack of sugar) when I saw the "Saucy" charm bracelets and cupcakes. I swiped...er...um borrowed said charm bracelet in a Halloween decorating frenzy that left me with a crippling injury(I have had my decorations up for 3 weeks already). Channeling Martha herself, I was precariously perched on a dining room chair reaching high above my head to hang autumn leaves in my entrance when the chair leg slipped off the step and I pitched down the stairs a$$-first. Don't worry, the large bannister post at the bottom broke my fall. No seasonal pun intended there, believe me. It just goes to show what a diehard Halloween decorator I am and mark my words I did not learn my lesson as I will be on the same chair the day after Halloween putting up my Christmas decorations. Sprained toe (which required stitches they couldn't give me), crutches, huge scrape and bruise to match on my back, sore hip, leg bruises, and ego damage not withstanding. So Saucy, you have now offically met the BIGGEST decoration fan out there and I NEEEEEEEED one of your bracelets. Taking Kate's blog hostage was my moment of temporary insanity. As Kate said, everyone needs a little Sauciness in their life. Hope her husband doesn't arrest me for this one. xox

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Saucy said...

Dear Char,

You sound like a completely desperate woman. I'm actually worried about you. Are you on medication? Do you need medication? I have medication. It sounds like maybe you need medication more than you need accessorizing, but then again, accessorizing can sort of be like medicating, at least in my world.

I just have to say, Char, desperate times call for desperate measures. Keep your eyes peeled. This could get interesting.