Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Warm Fuzzy {{{HUGS}}}

If you are a long time reader here you know me and my crush on the gorgeous Leica Forrest. We actually grew up in the same area, attended the same school functions, went to the same youth group/church functions. Weird hey? Small, small province. So a few years back we hooked up again (such a blessing!) and ever since then my scrap life has been rowdy as a hurricane. This lady has some causes, let me tell ya. And I am always up for a challenge. So this morning I was perusing Facebook (shocking, I know) over my coffee (that I'm not supposed to drink) and saw that the fair Leica had a call out for help. Not just any help. 180+ pages worth of help. YIKES! She was 9 books short on her project for the peds unit at our local hospital and would never dream of sending over the donated books if she didn't have enough for every single child. Well she needn't have fretted because the Saskatoon scrapbookers busted it out in rare style. Kags and Jenn and their gals pumped out 60! Can you believe that? Janet in her magical way, waved her wand and did up 113. No, you didn't blink. The lady did 113 pages today. Because Leica needed it. That's Janet. What a doll. I know Pam was busy too...getting ready for a family vacation (pretty sure they leave tonight or tomorrow) and she did 30! Wow, I am SO freakin' impressed! I myself got in a books worth (20 layouts) and was SO pleased with the results. I didn't have time to photograph them...I was literally gluing on the last star when Leica dropped by to get them. But I still had to blog about it. Leica, if I have missed anyone here please give a shout out. Every single person who dropped their to do list to create those 8x8 layouts today deserves a hug and a Christmas kiss! I am so humbled by all the generosity we have in our scrapbooking circle. Saskatoon and area has some very classy ladies. And I am so blessed to call them my friends. xo


Anonymous said...

WAY TO GO! What a community effort. According to her Facebook wall, Kim Deibert made another 80 herself. Unbelievable - all of you. Being in the hospital sucks. Being in the hospital as a kid really sucks. But being in the hospital at Christmas must be the worst. Thanks for bringing some light into all their lives.

Leica Forrest said...

You rocked it out! everyone did, I couldn't believe how people came forward to put that special touch on those little souls Christmas!

THANK YOU! and yes Kim Deibert made 4 albums, and we had lovely help from Karen's daughter Georgina & her friend, as well as Cheryl Leuschen.

our scrapbooking community is tight, and awesome and also... hope you are in for a road trip Kate, Karen told me she is going to steal me away to show me this gem of a store out of town. of course we are coming to get you!

Kate said...

Oh, you SO know I am IN! xo

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