Friday, September 24, 2010

Save a a cupcake!

With the help of friends and family and with the generosity of strangers I have been able to put together a last minute fundraiser for our CIBC Breast Cancer Foundation Run For The Cure! I didn't think we could do it, we had to cut some red tape but IT'S ON!!! The Bandanna Bandits will be having a
at Market Mall
on Thursday September 30th
from 11am to 2pm
to help bump up our total for the run on October 3rd! I was SO SO SO thrilled to learn this morning that we did indeed have permission and the lovely Betty Ann at Market Mall was more than accommodating. The Bandits are over the moon that we have had so much support. One of the organizers told our illustrious leader Amanda that she had never before seen a first year team pass the $10,000 mark. Well WE DID!!! And where are we going?! HIGHER!!! How exciting is that? So if you are in Saskatoon please drop by and visit us for a little cupcake goodness. Not in the area? Still want to contribute? You can also drop by my personal fundraising page. The Bandanna Bandits and our breasts thank-you for it! xox

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sassy said...

funny how little thigns work out....tell aunty Betty Anne her favorite name Chantelle niece says hi ;)