Saturday, February 5, 2011

Another fabulous use for Glimmer Mist!

Here is what is going on at our house today:

It started out with the Daddy snowman. And he of course needed a face AND accessories. LOL Then it was so nice out they continued with the Mummy snowman. Then I heard Hubs chuckling and my oldest shouted "DAD! She needs a BRA!" Then he ran in and asked if he could have one of mine. So I took a chance that blogland could handle some naked snow boobs. LOL

I was busy running up and down the stairs to my art room every time someone thought of something cool to put on the snow people. My last trip up I grabbed...wait for it...that's right...the GLIMMER MIST! I have said it before and I will say it again...I spray EVERYTHING with this stuff! You might remember my popcorn garland of 2009.

The boys got a little rowdy with it {they apparently take after their mama!} so it got taken away before the "snow kids" could get some colour. Aw, come on Dad!
I love all the the older "snow-son" has missing front I mean buttons. Matches our 6 year old right now!

This is our snow family today. Enjoying the beautiful weather {while it lasts} and just making some really good memories. Out of normal every day stuff. Because that is the stuff I love to scrapbook! Have a wonderful weekend everyone. Bless others this week with the truly beautiful you! xo


ReadingByLearning said...

First congratulations on your neologism scrapdivalicious! This she make it into word circulation!
Your medium is snow! We are in awe.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun day! Good to know glimmer mist has another use. lol Now to get a photo shoot find the missing buttons when the snow melts.


Wiebe Family said...

Does the green snowman (or woman0 have boobs? LOL WHO did that???? Hilarious!

Kate said...

Like you have to ask Char. LOL