Friday, February 25, 2011

Art...and the freedom to create it

One thing I struggle with on a daily basis is the cleanliness of my art room. I am fortunate enough to have an entire room to create whatever I want...and more often than not I am either creating on the floor in the living room or not creating at all because I can't breathe in my room. That is an absolute travesty. If I am not using the room, I shouldn't have the privilege of having one. Period. So I was discussing with the Hubs last weekend some cost effective options to fix the issues I had. Yes I would love to rebuild my studio all custom and matching and wonderful...however...I am also realistic and know that this is not our "forever" house. So it would be a shame to spend the money, time and effort only to have to say good-bye to it in the coming few years. I wasn't expecting what happened. Hubs took a look at what I was thinking of and said "ok". That was it. And the discussion ended and I thought maybe we would look into some building materials next month. I was fairly pleased with the space I had at that moment because my friend Corinne had come over to spend a few hours helping/telling me what to clean and directing me in my purge. Her favourite thing to say was "Just let it GO Kate!" It was a fabulous time! So I have to admit I was a touch disappointed when I came home the afternoon of said discussion with the Hubs to find my room in ruins. Absolute chaos. With Hubs in the middle of it with his tools beside him telling me to come clear off my desk because it was going bye-bye. I had no time to process what was happening but he obviously wanted to get a move on with the project. LOL These "before" photos are from several months ago. This was the room at it's worst and it had taken on a nasty personality all of its own.

View from the door:
Big shelf/extra desk space. I forgot to snap a pic of the top of this shelf where all my project boxes and albums were kept. Oh my word. Let your imagination run wild.
Peg board and original desk space. Wait a there even a desk under there?!?

Childrens area.

In the months since this photo I did a few things like getting rid of the 6ft kids table and opting for a desk with drawers. And of course did a bunch of cleaning and purging. But I still had hot spots that were hard to control simply because things were piled on the floor and had no storage. Insert the Hubs and his need to complete projects right now.
Soak in the before photos...and I will post after photos next week. They rock!!!

Here is a little something I created on the floor...LOL. I have been so in love with birds in the last year. This is an 8x8 canvas with some Tim Holtz, Hambly & Elsie Flannigan, ink, metal, bling and a bunch of crackle paint. I love shabby chic home decor!
What does your space look like? Does it make you happy? Do you need some inspiration and encouragement to change it? Leave a comment and send me a link! I'd love to see it! xo


Andrea said...

Right now Kate, my scrap room is kinda messy! I'm usually pretty anal about cleaning before I start working but right now I have been creating this wicked Tim Holtz inspired mini album and the messier it gets around me and on my fingers, the more I'm enjoying it!!!!

Jerri-Lea said...

thanks for the before pics!! glad to see that I'm not the only messy crafter!! I too have a space (well to get technical there are two spaces) but I can't figure out a way to organize things... to be honest the biggest hurdle for me is to purge. In my crafting eyes... I'm sure I'll use it someday!

Kate said...

Oh Jerri-Lea I hear you!!! That is what I kept saying to Corinne. And she just kept saying LET IT GO! It was very helpful to have someone there saying what totally wasn't my style at all and helping realize that NO I will never use it! LOL My room isn't cram-packed anymore and it is SO FREEING!!!

Sue Sykes said...

Oh, lucky girl!! But next week?!? Oh, girlie, you're putting me to shame... we've been working on our renovation of my studio since JUNE!!! Now you've inspired me to finish the organization so I can share MINE with YOU! :)

p/s miss you all! xox

Wiebe Family said...

Do you have ANY idea how great that would look in my house-especially with how my niche is right now....LOVE IT!

Kate said...

Sue...I didn't knock down any walls or install any doors. Heaven help me I SHOULD be able to arrange a few project boxes, purge a shelf and reconfigure some stamp storage in a week! LOL It's looking decent...just the fun stuff to go up on the wall and I am done {for now}!

Aspen said...

Hey Kate!

I am awarding you the Stylish Blooger award! Check out my blog to see how to accept!