Thursday, June 14, 2007

Another Borrowed Computer

Well, I am on a borrowed computer new computer has arrived but the Windows configuration disc didn't work. I called Microsoft and their customer service is very polite but...let's just say that I am not happy, $130 poorer and Microsoft sucks. 'Nuff said. I had to order a new disc so we ended up getting the Windows Vista. Not looking forward to learning a whole new program but I guess it saves us from loading in XP and then in a year taking it off and putting on Vista. Why does all this stuff move at warp speed?!? I was quite happy with my 1.6 and my XP. Now we have a 3.4 (or something like that) and Vista. Change, change, change. By the time my son is in school I'm going to feel really out of the loop. And I'll be saying things like "Well when I was in school we learned on the Apple. And when we bought our first computer Windows XP was top of the line!" My son will look at me like I've sprouted a second head. It's coming, I can feel it.

Enough complaining about my computer woes. New things happening in the scrapbooking world:

I am applying for the Pencil Lines Design Team. Totally exciting stuff! Check out their website...I've done some great LOs lately with the sketches. Very inspiring even if your LO turns out totally different than the picture! Stay tuned for more info on this. My application is based solely on whether one of the teachers here has a computer that is compatible with my camera card. Say a little prayer for me.

Speaking of prayers, Emily is done her third round of chemo. She has to go every week until August so keep the Thiele Family in your prayers. So far everything is ok but we still need lots of prayer support. I am still putting together a prayer book for Emily's recovery so if you have any comments for the Thieles please leave them here and I will add them to the book. Thanks!

I hope to be back to full blogging by next week. Have a fantastic day!

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Kelly said...

Cross your fingers for pencil lines - a whoo hoo!!!!