Friday, June 29, 2007

Not So Random Acts of Kindness

Ok, so today I'm drawing the winner of my "Welcome Back" RAK. BUT FIRST I have to tell you how truly amazing and heartwarming all the scrappers are on the Scrap In Style website. SISters and MISters alike, they are caring, compassionate people who just want to make a difference and share their love of creating. Why the gushiness so early in the day you ask? I just received my first package of donated items for the scrapbooking class I am starting in the fall for under priviledged kids. I put out a general call on SIS (with the whole hearted support of Big SIS) and I got an overwhelming response! You can read the initial thread here and the second thread here. I will be posting more about the class itself as the summer draws to a close as sign up isn't until the last week in August. As my eyes welled up opening the box, I thought to myself "Self...I have to try to pay these people back in some kind of way." Really, nothing I can do can even come close to equaling the amount of gratitude I feel right now but I'm going to try. So I'm going to send out warm fuzzies to each person who donates and feature their gorgeous goodness on my blog so you all can click on their links and leave them lots of happy, gushing compliments about how fabulous they are! It's a small thing but it's an action of thank-you I can take RIGHT NOW!!! My first fan-tab-u-lous gift giver is...drumroll please...

STACEY FIKE!!! *Cheer!*

Stacey, thank-you so SO much for your more than generous donation!!! People, you should see what this dear woman put together. So many sticker letters I couldn't even begin to count! Many blessings to you and yours Stacey. Thanks again! Now please help me thank Stacey even more by checking out her wonderful blog and SIS profile. She does great work so browse through her gallery and leave excellent comments for her amazing thoughtfulness! for my RAK. I have this thing with the number 3. My Grandfather played pro hockey a whole lot of years ago and wore the number 3. My Mum wore it when she played on the first all girls hockey team in Saskatoon. I wore that number for every sport imaginable growing up and I have a very strong compulsion to always have my LO embellishments in groups of threes. Weird? Yes. Borderline OCD? Probably. But I love 3. So to get to the point, I decided my first giveaway had to be special so I need to give out 3 wonderful RAKs for all the sweet comments left here. And the winners are...

LORI B (Straitfan10)

Laurie (Little Lulu)

Brianna (Taylor130)

Please PM me your mailing addresses on the SIS website. Congrats ladies and thank-you SO MUCH for participating! It was fun! My first RAK! yeah, I'm cool now...

Scrap happy and enjoy the day!


Kelly said...

I can't believe I didn't win - you must be kidding!!!!
just jokes
lub ya

Mike & Brianna said...

YEAH!!!! I WON, I WON!!! Thank you so much. I'm glad our comments were able to help you out. You'll have to let us know how your class turns out.

Rodrigo said...
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