Friday, June 15, 2007

Death to Technology

Ok, this whole computer thing is starting to get to me. I am still waiting for the new configuration disk so my beautiful new computer is sitting...doing nothing. It's taunting me. Here are a couple of new LOs I just had to post, even though I'm on a borrowed computer...again.
The pictures are less than stellar but I don't have access to a photo program right now. But I definitely was NOT going to let that stop me from applying for the Pencil Lines design team!!! A huge thank-you to Henry (local teacher) for letting me use up his evening and his computer time!

Journaling reads: My sweet are such a talker. A trait you come by honestly! 24/7 running monologue. And 24/7 I pray for just a moment of quiet or a break from saying "Don't touch that", "Get down from there" and the big one "Stop picking your nose!" But I admit, sometimes - just sometimes - I let you pick your nose because for those few precious moments, you are silent. Blessed silence. That is my every day life. And I wouldn't change it for the world.

Fast as fast can be (you'll never catch me)

Have a blessed weekend!


Ralna @ Just Scrap It! said...

I LOVE IT! great page Kate I hope you're up and running again with your computer soon. I'm sure we'll see lots more great pages

Kelly said...

Thank goodness you blogged - last time I checked I couldn't leave a comment (technical difficulties ...) LOVE the Andy Warhol (sp...) layout! You rock!!!

Maureen (MoeMade) said...

How funny is your Will layout - that is priceless