Friday, August 24, 2007

Oh my word, oh my word, oh my WORD~!~!~!

So, about a million things have happened since I sent my computer away on August 3rd (I just got it back tonight). But there is one HUGE, AMAZING, SPECTACULAR thing that happened that just knocked my socks off that I had to blog about right away and it went a little something like this:

We were all set to leave August 8th for MeadowLake Provincial Park to do some camping with the Thiele family. On August 6th Keli called me at 9:45pm. Keli never calls me that late. So I immediately though something bad had happened. It was just the opposite.

Kel: "Um, hi...where are you going to be on Saturday?"
Me: "Meadow Lake, why?"
Kel: "Anyway you can get to P.A. that day?"
Me: "Probably not, why?
Kel: "Are you sure you can't get to P.A. on that day?
Me: "WHY?!?!?"

That's a little abbreviated but you get the idea. And so the conversation went on to reveal that Wilna Furstenberg, scrapbook diva extraordinaire, Scrap In Style Fashionista, MM Designer, etc, etc, etc (who also happens to be one of my most FAVE scrapbookers) was inviting some people to her house for a special class. Shut UP, I know!!! I almost dropped the phone. But then came the call to the hubby to ask if it was ok to ditch the wonderful family campers on Saturday to drive the 3.5 hours (turned into 4 due to the rain) and attend the amazing class. He said it was ok if it was that important to me. Is he kidding? Important, uh yes it is. Wilna has this free spirit type of style that I love and have wanted to learn for some time. So it was very important to me. I worked the details out with Keli and sure enough on Saturday I found myself sitting at Wilna Furstenberg's kitchen table cutting and gluing and...well the rest is top secret because the reason she held the class was to test it out before she taught it to a thousand scrapbookers in South Africa at the end of the month so I can't spoil it. No, that is not a typo. A thousand. Gorgeous South Africa. Check out this site for all the details of what sounds like an incredible convention!!! I can't say what the project was or post pictures of it yet but I can say this...No matter what type of scrapbooker you are, from beginner to advanced, wild to conservative, die hard or occasional dabbler, this project is fun, completely doable and will certainly impress. The instructions were very clear and easy to understand, it's adaptable (my pictures didn't quite fit with the requirements and it didn't matter one bit-it still turned out great) and the materials we used were 100% new and exciting! Wilna has excellent taste and I think she really has her finger on the pulse of the scrapbooking community. If I attended the South African Convention (Oh my, I wish!) I would be thrilled with her as a teacher and the project is a huge pleaser. Way to go Wilna! Thank-you SO MUCH for being so warm and welcoming. It was a pleasure to be a part of this. If you ever need a guinea pig...for anything at all...don't even hesitate to call!!! Count me IN!

I always joke that I stalk Wilna. Her blog, her profile on SIS, the MM blog, etc. Am I still considered a stalker if I was invited to her house? ;0) And so my scrapbooking adventures continue...until next time.


Peterlina said...

Lucky you! I SO live on the wrong side of the Atlantic....

Kelly said...

Wow - Lucky girl!!
I love Wilna too.
So amazing!

Kelly said...

YES, it was awesome, so incredibly glad we could go together!!! Can't wait to show the project on our blogs after sept 12, hey?

Julie said...

Sept 12th!! do we have to wait that long?? I am looking forward to seeing this and what a blessing to spend a day with Wilna - did you drive 8 hours that day Kate?

Kate said...

Yes, in fact I DID drive 8 hours that day. I left the campsite at 5:45am. 3 hours for the class and another 1.5 hours to have lunch with Keli. That was my AWESOME day!!! SO worth it!

Kelly S. said...

Can't wait to see the pics. BTW I tagged you on my blog :)

nessa said...

wow!!! you're so lucky!!!