Thursday, September 13, 2007

Diamonds and Scrapbooking...I am living the high life people!

Almost 10 years together. 5 years of marriage. 4 moves. One little boy. Many, many compromises. I'm still in love and he still treats me like a princess. I'm one carat heavier on my left hand. Check it out:

Our anniversary is actually on the 21st but the hubs is working nights all next week so we decided to celebrate today. I put up with his job and bought him a really nice motorcycle jacket. He puts up with my scrapbooking and bought me diamonds. And that's why we work.


Kelly said...

shut up, shut up, shut up!!!! I am officially jealous~!

Ralna @ Just Scrap It! said...

oh kate that is gorgeous!

Kelly S. said...

I love it! are you wearing it on your right hand or left?

Anonymous said...

I love teh new ring KAte.
It matches my engagement ring perfectly..i should show my hubby this!!!

One cool chick said...

Kate, thank you soo much for helping me with the scrapbasket.

it means the absolute world to me!


Gwen said...

Hi kate!!
i have just tagged you there: