Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Daily Inspiration

Yes, I am one of those geeky (but cool right?) scrapbookers who carries a pen and paper with me everywhere I go because I am constantly inspired by things around me. And I am also one of those people who has a FAB idea for all of 11 seconds before something else grabs my attention and the idea is *poof* GONE. That's just how I roll and I live with it. I try to be glitzy about it though...my idea book is a beautiful custom piece by the ever fabulous Dawn Hueser. Click on her name, check out her blog. She just became a Tattered Angels educator! So at least I have something beautiful to write in...but I digress.

I was on Facebook this morning, checking out the latest post by Starbucks (2 shockers, I know. Facebook and Starbucks) and saw this label.
Sorry the pic is so small...I couldn't find it anywhere else and it wouldn't let me resize it. Or would it be better put to say I couldn't figure out how to resize it? *See previous post*

Anywho...I thought the colour combo was amazing and one of the calls for Summer for Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine right now is turquoise. Perfect right? I am really looking forward to scrapbooking with this as my inspiration. I am thinking all turquoise background with that sandy yellow as my photo background and bits of red and green. Not too much...as turquoise is my main focus. But I loved it and thought I would share. What has inspired you today?

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Leica said...

can't wait to see your result from that cute inspiration. love me some turquoise!!!