Monday, January 25, 2010

Teach me, Obi Whan

Um, yeah...I'm a fan. Another little tidbit about Kate. LOL ANy-way...

Yes, I've had a blog for several years and yes, I am pretty good on a computer. I was an administrative assistant before I was a Mum. I know my way around this machine no matter how finicky it may get. may notice I don't have a whole lot of cool gadgety things on my blog because...welllll...I don't know how to work them.

So can anyone tell me what it means on Feedjit when it says someone came to my blog from I am getting hits on my blog from all over the world (cool!) which really wouldn't make me raise an eyebrow...but now I am getting followers from all over the world. Which is cool too did you find my blog and why are you following me? LOL


Melissa said...

LOL Kate. I think its because you can searcch blogs in blogger (by say..."scrapbooking" or something like that) and yours probably comes up!
And they follow you because you rock! :)

Kate said...

And the ultimate computer queen comes through. Why didn't I just e-mail you in the first place? {This is where someone pipes up with "Because it's entertaining for us when you ask dumb questions on your blog!"}

Dawn Hueser said...

They follow you my dear because you are a crazy nut bar hobbyist that is so incredibly talented.