Thursday, April 29, 2010

Being online never felt so good

Apparently we are going to starve tonight because I have been trying to catch up. When you take a 10-14 day hiatus from the internet due to computer trouble it really generates a lot of extra work, doesn't it? Is checking e-mail actually considered work? Well, ok, maybe not. LOL If you go back through my archives you can see that we have these troubles about every 2 to 3 years. So basically we are renting the computer right? It's all a conspiracy. Oh, don't get me started.

So an online acquaintance from Ontario made a really good point about her gym membership and as I was typing a reply {Sorry, I just saw it today!} I thought it would be a great post for today to lead up to tomorrow's Frugal Friday post. Sweet Johanna from Birds on a Wire asked if I had any ideas for getting out of a membership. And in fact, I do. Several points to make I'll start with my own personal experience.

When I was a teenager I lived in a spot that was really close to a great gym. I signed up and I worked out. I lost my job. So I worked out more while looking for a new job. When 3 months had gone by I knew there was no way I could keep the membership. And as I will go over in tomorrow's FF post never ever let something lapse because collection charges will kill you. I took what cash I had {about half of what was left owing on the membership), marched myself down there and asked to speak to the owner/manager. I made a polite speech about how I was moving and didn't own a car so I could no longer use his gym and would he please consider letting me out of my contract if I paid this amount of money, cash, upfront? Well, it worked. I was shocked but kept my poker face until I left his office. I think it helped that I was really young, cute and had that "I might cry if you say no" look on my face. {Which really helps in the frugal department y'all}.

Another idea would be to ask at your gym if you can transfer the contract to someone else. Then post an ad on a free site and try to "sell" it.

And finally, my favourite idea is to use your membership. LOL I looooove going to the gym. It's where I hide from my children. And it makes my butt smaller at the same time. It's a win-win situation. Watch for tomorrow's Frugal Friday post on memberships, contracts, payments and collections. Later gator!

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