Monday, April 12, 2010

Laughter really IS the best medicine

When I was in high school I had a serious crush on Shakespeare. My favourite play was not Romeo and Juliet as other young girls proclaim...I liked MacBeth. There was only one reason I liked that play so much...Grade 11 English...and his name was Mr. Feschuk. He also happened to be the director of the Fall musical, thereby nurturing not only my love of English class but egging on my inner extrovert as well. LOL Somewhere out there lies a copy of actual VIDEO of me in a hideous pink dress, singing solo in "Is There Life After High School?" Lord help me Lizette if you actually HAVE that I. will. just. die.
Mr. Feschuk is just a wonderful, kind soul who loves to make people laugh which makes him a perfect addition to the Saskatoon Soaps. Click on the name to check out their site. They are a bunch of local actors who perform at the Broadway Theatre once a month. This month's evening is a fundraiser for Mr. Feschuk. Have you heard the news lately about the Good Samaritan? Read all about it HERE.

So Mr. Feschuk {I am in my thirties and I still can't bring myself to call him Tim} was just trying to do something right...and was seriously hurt for it. His friends and colleagues have dedicated this Friday night to him...and I can't attend. I was SO disappointed when I learned that it was on the same night that I will be in Calgary for Camp Croppin'. I still wanted to support this effort so the Soaps {who usually only sell tickets at the door} have kindly allowed advanced ticket sales. Thank-you so much! I can't be there, but one of YOU can! Leave a comment here and answer this question: WHO WAS YOUR FAVOURITE TEACHER? Where would we be without them? Send your peeps! Post a link to my blog on your blog, Facebook or Twitter, shoot me an e-mail at telling me you have done that and be entered a second time! I am just going to do a straight draw on Thursday morning. The performance is on Friday night. Check out the Saskatoon Soaps website link above for details. So let's support Mr. Feschuk in a BIG way...he deserves it. Not only for risking his life trying to stop a crime but also for all the young lives he has touched as a teacher. From the bottom of my heart Tim, thank-you for your influence.


Anonymous said...

Ah, Kate, how I'd love to go see S'toon Soaps. One of those things on my to-do list. I hear they're FAB. But I will be up to my elbows in scrapalicious goodness with you. (I can't seem to log on to Google - it's me, Barb!). I hope they have a great fundraiser and HOW GREAT OF YOU to do this. I'm sure Mr. Feschuk is a proud man today.

Anonymous said...

Tim is amazing, he taught one of my kids and I taught one of his! He is so funny as Canapopolis...I'm hoping to get a gang together to attend. Far as I know, he needs some heavy duty dental surgery. He's had a rough year with illness/family illness so I know he'll appreciate all of this.

Kim Deibert

Dawn Hueser said...

Have a fabulous time in Cow town. While your there you can thank a Mr. Glen Potter for encouriging me to sing even when I couldn't. LOLOLOL

Safe trip to you and the others