Thursday, May 13, 2010

Everything but the sink

I am armpit deep in scrapbook projects that I can't post here just yet. But what I will post is a fabulous little find I came across while junking last weekend. I loooove junking. Not just for the frugal aspect {yes, I check garage sales before purchasing certain items} but for the chance that you might come across something mighty fine. I love me some vintage stuff. Anything really. Paper ephemera, old hats, shoes, really old magazines, you name it, I love it. So in my travels last weekend my friend Saucy had me on the look out for watches. All kinds of watches. So she could make THIS. Isn't it fabulous? Saucy can pull off some pretty amazing pieces of jewellery. It's just a Saucy thing. So this year she has inspired me to be more accessorized. Which really just means I am trying to wear earrings every day. LOL But I am working on it. I came across a bag of about half a dozen watches for $2 and bought them up for Saucy. But when I got them home, I decided {and the Hubs ordered me} to keep one of them for myself. It just caught my eye. And if there is one thing Saucy has taught me it's to always keep something if it catches your eye! So here is one of my sweeter junking finds in the last few weeks.

It needs to be cleaned up before wearing but I love it. And I basically paid a quarter for it. Do you like to junk? Share your good finds here!

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Saucy said...

I still think that was a marvelous score you made. Have you found out anything more about it? I still think you should swing it over to Willy's for it's cleaning... they can probably help you shed some light on its heritage.