Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Usually I'm not this much of a nerd

I have many friends saying this to me today...LOL Reason for nerdiness: I {heart} Daughtry. I've been a fan since his very first audition on American Idol! They will be here in town on the 14th and I am SO DYING TO MEET THEM that I have put myself into a radio contest on Facebook. Oh the shame, I know. LOL It's so funny reading all the stuff on the C95 page. So, if you want to enable my nerdiness, go to the C95 page on Facebook HERE. "Like" them and then write on the wall that Kate Kading sent you!

So this is Cary Howe from C95. The man with the power. Send him an e-mail at and tell him how crazy I am!

Maybe I should scrapbook something for Cary the DJ. You think that would get me any closer? :0)

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